Cover Reveal


Cover Reveal

The amazing cover reveal for Mated in Treason the first book in the Kan Asma Vampire series.

Mated in Treason


Releasing June 13, 2017!!

Talk about ab-o-licious! Don’t you just want to sample that muscular perfection? There are some awesome little things in this cover that just made me so thrilled. Gunnar’s Viking tattoo, wrapped around his arm, just shows a hint of the dragon head. The scythes in the corner are important in this vampire culture. The Hartwood logo which just makes me so happy because Gunnar and Nadia found a publishing home and it’s a great one. I can’t wait to share this story with the world!
Also, it’s already up for sale!





When the kraliyet bodyguard ended up in her hospital bed after an explosion left him in critical condition, Nadia tried to warn herself not to fall in love with him. After all, she’s no vampire Cinderella, and happily-ever-afters didn’t happen to low-born females of the Kan Asma. But, her heart wouldn’t listen and, soon, she wanted to claim Gunnar as her forever mate, even if it meant taking him the only way possible, as a husband in a disgraceful human ceremony.

Gunnar fell in love with his nurse the moment he saw her smile. He yearned to claim her as his but the Council would never allow him to mingle his powerful blood with a female from a poor family. The penalty for an unsanctioned mating is a death sentence. He doesn’t care about the threats and possible consequences of making her his. Though, due to the high probability of genetic incompatibility, he can’t complete their blood-bond without knowing if it might take her life. Losing her would be worse than torture.

Their only hope lies with the treasonous Faction hell-bent on destroying the very people Gunnar calls family. Determined to find a way to be mated, Gunnar seeks out the leader of this hidden uprising. Together, Nadia and Gunnar must break every law and rite of their vampire culture to become bonded for life. Gunnar will play a deadly game of subversion or pay a blood price that would sever him from their people and put a bounty on his head. They must survive a dangerous infiltration of the Faction because they’ll do anything to be together, even if it means being mated in treason.