Fourth of July Author Blog Hop!

Welcome to your next stop on the July 4th Independence Day tour bus.  You have arrived just in time for the fun and games to begin.

In honor of my Fourth of July holiday story, Star Spangled Kiss, I thought I would take a scene from the book and use pictures to play it out. Oh yes, I do have some delicious visuals for your enjoyment.

Now, onto the scene…

Tyler and Sophie are in the pool, it is getting a bit hot between them. Suddenly, it gets crowded and people are diving in. Turns out they are eagerly waiting for their annual pool-volleyball game to begin.

The first in are two of Tyler’s friends from Narcotics bureau, they are ready to kick-butt!

Tyler's Team

Next, we have Gavin, Tyler’s best-bud. He thinks he has a secret weapon to end Tyler’s winning streak.  (And it’s not the beers either!)

Gavin's Game

 This is Gabe, he is a firefighter. It’s his first time playing pool- volleyball. It’s okay though, he’s not Gavin’s secret weapon either.

Firefighter's love water too!

Firefighters like water too.

 Gavin has another cop on his team, and though he is as charming as his nickname, Romon aka Romeo, isn’t the one Gavin is keeping under wraps.

Romeo is ready to block Tyler's serve!

Ah, of course there is the cheer squad. Cassidy is Sophie’s close friend. She prefers to watch the boys go at it.

Pool-side view!

I’ll give you a hint about the scene and how it plays out….

Sophie and Tyler hitting it off!

So who is the  secret weapon? I’m not telling you. You can find out on Monday when Star Spangled Kiss is released.

Star Spangled Kiss

Now, if you would like a chance to win a copy of my blog’s Star Spangled Kiss gift basket which includes a copy of the book, rockin-red nail polish and summer themed goodies, don’t forget to leave me a comment. I would love to know who you want on your team, the narco-cops, the fireman, or Romeo? Or, maybe you’d like to hang-out poolside with Cassidy and watch the game play out? Whichever, I’d love to know.

If for some reason you have fallen off the bus, don’t worry you can find your way again simply by clicking here:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food and fireworks!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the tour.