On Playlists

Every author has their own type of writing inspiration. Mine comes in the form of music. At the beginning of each novel, while I am learning who each character is and what path the story will take, I start to compile a list of songs that will play in the background during the creation of the book.

For my current novels I have started doing something a little different. Where I used to listen to a certain soundtrack, I am now listening to the Symphony Hall channel on Sirius. When it comes to certain scenes that require an emotional connection, though, I do turn to different songs or albums.

For Mated in Desperation–tentative title- Book 2 in the Kan Asma Vampires series, there are two scenes that required that specific music. The first scene is an extremely somber ritual that the Kan Asma have done since the beginning of their creation. It is filled with archaic ceremony, blood rites, and even veiling of the female. The music needed to pull me into that heady scene and I found that Dead Can Dance had a perfect album for the writing.

The other scene is a bit more sensual filled with emotion that is banked at first, almost hidden, and then it bursts forth until it almost consumes the mates. For this scene, I found myself listening to one song over and over. Chains by Nick Jonas, it just gives me shivers just like that scene did.


For Valor and Vigilance, I am not listening much to music but I am listening to the police scanner. There are lot of interesting things on that and I for sure find myself tuned to the exchanges between the dispatcher and the brave LEOs keeping our streets safe.