Monday with Mikhail November 22, 2010


I thought long and hard about what I would post today. I could have gone with the expected: What I’m Thankful For. Or the twisted: My favorite intimate positions. But, for my first actual blog here at Christa Paige’s site, I chose to go with something a bit more visually stimulating.

For my entry today, I will discuss the amazingly varied world of women’s panties.

Oh, yes, you saw that correctly.

I’m all male and there is nothing as hot, delicious and provoking as a pair of silky underthings a lady wears to cover her secrets.

First up:

 Flirty and Fun…

Lucky Luke.

 Now, let me tell you, I’m rather intrigued by a gal who is proud of her geekery. She might have a secret fetish for a long, hard light-saber and I’d be happy to let her play with mine.


Soft and Sensual…


I love the way the lace clings to her curves. It’s like a hug, right over the swells of her ass. Yup, I’m also thinking of the quick removal method, lace is so susceptible to fangs. A little bite and off they go.


Fun and Playful…


Who isn’t up for a little nautical nonsense once in a while? I know I’d like to join Spongebob and oh yes, I am so ready.

Another option:

Silky and Seductive…


I’ve always liked getting presents. Unwrapping them is half the fun. These are perfect for quick removal-with my teeth. You know you’d like that, wouldn’t you? A little scrape of my canines and a tug reveals everything underneath. Good thing there are two to untie, twice the pleasure, indeed.

Must haves,

Matched pair…

Black and White is so elegant.

Sometimes, I like to just look my fill.  Matching sets offer the delectable choice of looking high or low. Either way, I’m in for a treat.


Perfectly feminine…

The best part of all the lingerie selections is that what is underneath becomes mine for the night.  Whether it’s polka dots and lace, simple cotton hipsters or the very erotic g-string, I’m ready to indulge.

I’m glad you stopped by today. What are your favorite panties to wear? Ah, come on don’t be shy, I’m curious. And, if you’d like to turn the tables on me, I’m rather eager to find out what type of underwear you like to see your males wear? Tighty Whites or Boxer Briefs?

I’m game.



 All pictures found at tumblr.

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