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Read on for an excerpt from the second book in my Blood-Vine series. The first book is due out at Liquid Silver Books on October 12, 2009. For an excerpt of that story, Bound By Deception, check out the book section tab.

Bound By Rebellion

The moment Kat entered the house she tossed her keys and purse on the entry hall table and ran down the hallway to her room. With one swift move, she kicked off her heels. On the back of her door hung a large duffle bag; a quick yank and it came off the peg. After bringing it over to the dresser, she rummaged around in her drawers and started to pack all the necessary items for the weekend.

Cotton yoga pants, a ribbed baby-doll tee, her plain every day panties. Nothing special. Not for Luke. No way. Kat’s days of wearing lacy scraps to entice him had long past. The thing he hated even more than her hair being left unbound and hampering his every move was when she wore slouchy flannel pajamas. The pink-striped pair he so detested sat in the bottom pile. A decisive grab and she shoved them into the pack.

Moving into the attached bathroom, she leaned over and turned on the spigot. She considered the bath gels and selected the pearlescent jasmine oil. A few capfuls under the water made it foam up nice and inviting. While the tub filled, she went to work adding toiletries into her bag. Once done, she quickly stripped off her work suit, throwing the skirt and tailored coat into a bamboo hamper. A tug at the clasp between her breasts released the stiff support of her bra. She took in a deep breath, reveling in the cool air on her nipples. Rolling her nylons off and shucking her panties, she dropped them both to the ground. Totally naked, she turned off the faucet, set her foot into the hot, sudsy water, ready to lay back and soak for a few blissful minutes.

The shrill ringing of her house phone put her plan on hold. With one wet and one dry foot, she jogged through her room to the nightstand and grabbed the receiver. Irritated at the bad timing, she answered in a frustrated voice, “Yeah, hello?”

“Katiya,” the deep, rumbling growl of her name, raked over her like phantom fingers stroking along every sensitive nerve ending.

“I am hungry, baby. For you,” he added in a low and enticing voice.

Wicked, lustful images came unbidden into her thoughts. Kat’s grip on the phone tightened and her hand shook. Damn it, no. She would not melt into a puddle simply because his tone sounded rough, needy. Where was her own voice when she needed to say something scathing? It seemed like she had lost it. To gather her wits, she looked up at the ceiling, trying to form a coherent but aloof reply. She only managed to say, “Lucas.”

Silence stretched out between them. Kat bristled. Listening to him breathe helped to bring back her perspective. Exhaling, she huffed audibly. “What do you want, Luke?”

A long pause. “You know, Katiya. Close your eyes, baby, feel me.”

Her eyelids drooped as if he commanded them somehow through the ether. The shadow of a memory speared through her mind’s eye. She remembered a whisper of his touch, the brush of warm lips against her soft flesh and a hard male body covering hers. Kat felt them all. Urgency, a bone-melting, aching, yawning emptiness crashed into her, making her shudder with pent up desire and emotions she swore never to feel again.

“Stop it, Luke,” she uttered, breathless and trembling.

“Never!” he replied harshly.

They didn’t speak and Kat flirted with the idea of hanging up on him. She refused to give in to the urge knowing they must end on some semblance of good will so that later, when they met at the hotel, things went smooth and quick. He needn’t know about her dinner date and he certainly had no right to run roughshod over her already made plans.

With another man….her conscience screamed out loud and clear.

Gritting her teeth, she hoped that Luke had no connection to her other than through the phone or things probably weren’t going to go as planned.

“Why did you really call?” she asked with forced civility.


She was hiding something from him. Luke sensed it all the way to his toes. The barely concealed spite lacing her every word, also held a tinge of anxiety. If he didn’t know her the way he did, he would think the worst possible scenario. But this sounded more like an evasion. Before, when things between them had been good, he would easily delve into her psyche and read what was truly going on. It just so happened Luke had done it one too many times and with too much freedom. Because of it, and other things, he ended up losing her.

Right now, he felt conflicted. His nature screamed for him to slide right into her mind and see what she hid from him, while his resolve told him invading her privacy probably wasn’t the best approach to take. Jesus, why did this have to get so complicated anyways? He wanted Katiya back and tonight his plans centered on making her return home, once and for always. This tired quarrel, spanning a decade, had come to a full stop. Not only did he intend to finish their argument, but he planned on reinstating their bond until it grew strong again.


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