Meet the hero.

Welcome to the second week of May. Wow, where has time gone?

For me, each new month brings me closer to the release of  Mated in Treason, Book 1 in the Kan Asma Vampires series.

This new vampire romance is coming out in June 13, 2017 and I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few of the characters. Today, is all about the hero.

Meet Gunnar Nakani:


The first time we meet Gunnar is in Bound By Obsession the third book in the Blood-Vine series. Bethany who is the heroine of that book, gives her impression of Gunnar.

Before long, the car pulled to a stop and Gunnar opened the door. Bethany hadn’t been able to form any solid conclusions about the guy. A few times he stood with his shoulders tossed back, like a marine. The close shave of his light blond hair added to the distinctiveness of a soldier. He wore dark olive utility pants and a matching green T-shirt. She could imagine him in some special-ops corps. He never stopped looking around them. The way his dark eyes flitted from one side to the other showed his attention was focused on their safety. Or, her safety, really.

After she has a few moments to talk with him about one of the Council Sentinels, she realizes there’s much more to him than her first impression:

The valet ran a hand over his flattop, and tapped curved knuckles at his temple. “He’s short a few brain cells that are imperative for common sense. Little prick spends more time worrying if his silk shirt matches a certain haute couture watch. Who gives a fuck if it’s Seiko, Casio, or a flipping Rolex. It tells the time, end of subject.”

Tray grinned. “I’ll remember that at Christmas.”

Bethany tried not to laugh, but hearing Tray shoot-the-shit with his valet gave her a glimpse of another side of him.
“Don’t worry I’ll make sure he gets you something nice.”

Gunnar turned to her and the lines at the side of his eyes crinkled as he smiled.
“That’d be real nice, Miss Miles. Komar here has a hankering for gift cards. In an envelope, mind you.”

At the end of Bound By Obsession, Gunnar finds himself in a really dangerous situation. And, that’s where Mated in Treason begins.

Here are a few things about Gunnar:
His boss, Traian Komar, is one of the princes in the Kan Asma aristocracy called the kraliyet. Gunnar started working for him as a valet back in the 18th century. That role has grown through the years and now Gunnar works as Tray’s right hand man.
He is half Viking and half Turkish as well as a full-blooded Kan Asma Vampire.
He wears his hair in a flat-top which is not typical of the males in the Kan Asma society.
He has a sexy tattoo on his shoulder.
His special vampire talent is revealed in Mated in Treason.
He has a wicked sense of humor.
He loves the SyFy Channel and Star Wars.

All my vampire heroes pick a special endearment for the mate and Gunnar’s is a very cool Viking word.

Well, there’s a quick glimpse of the hero of Mated in Treason.
Next time, I will post about his heroine, Nurse Nadia.

Thanks for stopping by today.
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Valentine’s Day Contest Entry

****Contest Closed****

Run, don’t walk, straight on over to Passionate Squee Contest and enjoy all the goodies 13 authors have provided for your romantic, passionate, wicked Valentine’s Day entertainment.

Each author has shared a scene of passion and love for your enjoyment. On top of that, there’s a drawing for prizes. If you comment on each blog post, that gives you 13 entries. Some of the posts are sweet and passionate others are down right scorching hot and filled with adult content. So, there’s something for everyone.

My post goes live on February 6th, 2017 and it is an excerpt from Bound By Obsession.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Kan Asma Christmas Tradition

Merry Christmas!

Here is a little glimpse into the Kan Asma- style Christmas tradition.

I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas day!


“It’s time for the blooding.” Mikhail launched from the second-floor banister and did a tight somersault landing on the main floor with hands up like a gymnast. The loud stomp of his boots echoed through the vaulted atrium as he rushing into the kitchen.

“Who’s it going to be this year?” Lucas flashed his fangs. “Should we do a lottery or pull names from a hat?”

Tray waved a long, serrated knife in the air.  “This should do the trick.”

Anna slipped through the open doorway, her mate Dimitri right on her heels. “I’m partial to using fangs.” He winked but mostly just for Anna.

Therese shook her head and backtracked through the kitchen moving through the crowded dining room to where her mate waited with a glass of sparkling wine. She sipped it and savored the sweet bubbly Moscato as it danced on her tongue. “You’d think they’d want presents and Christmas Carols. Instead, they are stuck in the middle ages, still.”

Davran nuzzled her throat, a scrape of fang teasing along the pulse points. “They’re predators. It is in their DNA to engage in a blooding.”

“It’s messy.” Therese frowned, remembering last year’s Christmas mess had her rushing from her mate’s embrace and heading back to where her offspring were beginning to engage in a long held Kan Asma tradition.

“Must you field dress that thing in my stainless-steel sink?” she shouted as she dashed into the kitchen.

“Kinda frowned upon to do it outside.” Mikhail cocked an eyebrow. God, that son of hers was a cocky young male. She wouldn’t tell anyone, but, she found him charming and adorable. And, too handsome for his own good. Perhaps he’d settle down soon. She’d have to talk to Ivan about finding him a mate.

Luke twirled a sharp meat prong between his fingers. Therese didn’t have to guess why his mate Katiya avoided the kitchen. No respectable female would want to see the carnage in her normally spotless kitchen. “Ah, we need to get this going, I’m starving.”

“Don’t worry nan, we’ll have it all spic and span again for you as soon as we are done.” This time it was Traian giving her the assurance. Except, last year he’d hit an artery and the blood splatter on the wall had to be scrubbed with bleach.

Therese wagged a finger. “You stay away from it, Traian Komar.”

The other siblings in the kitchen groaned collectively.

“Give that to me.” Anna grabbed the knife from her brother and trudged to the sink. “Nan, this is the biggest suckling pig I’ve ever seen. How did you even get it into the kitchen?”

Therese smiled. “Your father, of course.”

Ivan took that moment to march into the room, a scowl on his austere features. She loved her eldest son. He had such a commanding presence and looked so much like his grandfather, the leader of the First Mates.  But, trying to find him a gift for Christmas proved nearly impossible. Except for Mikhail. He’d asked her to wrap a Costco bulk purchase of spray starch for Ivan. Oh, that was going to cause a ruckus during the gifting time.

Therese grinned. All her children were in the room with her. They were in the process of preparing the monstrous pig for the roasting. It’d look like something out of a medieval painting soon. By twelve in the morning, they’d have an entire wood pit constructed in the back yard and the pig on the spit. While they teased each other and joked, eating treats and drinking mulled wine, they’d turn the pork until the thing was cooked through.

Then, her favorite part of Christmas would happen. They’d share the dinner together, enjoying the quiet moment of celebrating while dining on the roasting pig.

Then, well, she’d march her younglings right back into that kitchen and start a new tradition—they’d get to clean the dishes and make sure any blood stains were gone by dawn.

Therese left the kitchen, intent on finishing up the final wrapping of her gifts. She loved Christmas because it meant being with her family.

And, that delectable pig.

Coming Soon: Bound By Obsession

My third paranormal romance in the Blood-Vine series is due to release very soon. I wanted to share the cover art, done by the most talented April Martinez, the blurb and an excerpt from Chapter One.

So, without further ado, here is your first taste of Traian Komar in Bound By Obsession.

In his long life, Traian Komar has managed to escape the mating noose. Being bound forever to a female isn’t anything he’s ready for. However, when he runs into Bethany, a woman from his past, every bonding instinct within him surges to life. Bethany’s the one who got away and he’s never forgotten her. Traian’s sudden obsession with her is all-consuming. But, he can’t do a damned thing about it. Dr. Bethany Miles is a mere mortal, and Kan Asma aristocrats are forbidden to mate with humans.

 For several long years, Bethany, a child psychologist, has devoted her life to her work. When a request for an appointment with an adult comes in, she’s ready to refer the case to her colleague … until she notices the patient’s name, Traian Komar. Beset by memories, Bethany agrees to see him. When he shows up, she doesn’t count on the passion he awakens within her.

The moment they’re face-to-face only intensifies the burning lust they’d always resisted. This time, Traian doesn’t hold back. His lack of restraint turns both their lives upside down and uncovers secrets that could jeopardize their growing bond. Because of his refusal to conform to his people’s traditions, Traian risks losing Bethany and any hope they have for love. He must conquer the threat to their mating and find a way to make her his … forever.


And now an excerpt:

Chapter One

Traian’s hunger propelled his long steps and brought him closer to his destination. Beside him, Tray’s brother, Mikhail, matched the quick pace, keeping up with his typical swagger. They rounded the corner and automatically slowed down. The floor-to-ceiling glass windowpanes of the storefront caught their reflections. Tray didn’t need the reminder that they stood out with their tall height and muscular builds. The differences between them were stark. Mikhail was the thick-necked, dark-haired one. Tray looked more lean and fair with shoulder length blond hair. Mikhail reached out to open the door. Tray entered first and came to stand in the back of the busy room. Mikhail followed him a second later.

“It’s a benefit to us that California has such early sunsets in winter,” Traian said as he turned to face Mikhail. Tray had been looking forward to this meal all afternoon. Sundown couldn’t come fast enough.

“True, it’s a fortunate advantage for a hungry vampire.” Mikhail smirked, showing the slightest hint of sharp fang tips.

“We’ve definitely come to the right place. I see plenty of options that’ll hit the spot.” Tray bit down into his lower lip, flashing Mikhail a bemused look.

“That particular one would be enough to satisfy even my cultured palate.” Mikhail lifted his finger and pointed across the space, indicating just what he wanted to dine on.

“Only you, kardes, would indulge in such a pig-out.” With a chuckle, Traian reached over and smacked his brother on the shoulder. “Better watch the calories; you might end up with a bit of pudge around your gut.”

Sniffing derisively, Mikhail quirked an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. “Well, I already know what you’re pigging out on, and I’d like to warn you against such a mistake. All carb, no protein… Really, brother, how do you intend to keep that girlie shape you’re sporting?”

“By kicking your scrawny ass,” Tray flashed a wicked smile before stepping forward. He cocked his head over his shoulder and muttered jubilantly, “Looks like I’m going first.”

Mikhail only swore in Turkish and shoved his brother before saying, “Well, hurry your bony butt up, I’m starving here.”

Tray shrugged and ignored Mikhail. He turned his full attention frontward and met the bored look of a young, college-aged girl. Mousy features framed by multi-hued hair, in varying lengths, showed off the oval shape of her face. A silver barb, pierced through her upper lip, muted the sweet innocence of her youth, a bit. When she noticed him, her pale gray eyes widened and she moistened her lower lip with the tip of her tongue. Yup, another piercing there, too. Before he’d moved near, she was slouched over and tuned out. One earbud, from her IPod, hung over her shoulder and the other fit in her ear. She straightened and yanked the headphone out. Tray leaned closer, crossing his arms over his chest. He watched her stare flick down, roving across the outlines of his torso, tracking over his rounded biceps.

Clearing his throat, he effectively redirected her attention back to his face. Her dreamy expression deepened and Tray almost rolled his eyes. “Ma’am?” he said, just to seem polite.

“Yes,” she replied rather breathlessly.

A nudge in his ribs made Tray flinch, “Hold your horses, youngling. He forced into his brother’s thoughts.

“Stop flirting with the human, I’m famished,” Mikhail replied tersely.

Fine, his own stomach growled in protest at his stalling, as well. Tray blinked and pulled back a bit. Time to sate one of his most basic needs: food.

She followed as far as she could but the thick slab of granite separating them prevented her from all out touching him. Tray rocked on his heels and lifted his gaze to fix on the far wall. “I would like two clubs on rye, with all the fixings. Add a side of that famous apple coleslaw, and peach cobbler. Also, two passion fruit iced teas. My brother here wants an egg salad on whole wheat, a large order of fries and the fresh fruit salad. As you can see, he is just as boring as his food choices. No sense of adventure, the poor bastard.”

The cashier dutifully entered each item into the register. When Tray rambled off Mikhail’s order, she focused directly behind Tray. Her smile grew almost flirty and that tongue came out again. This time, it brushed across her teeth while she appraised Tray’s brother.

“Hello there, doll.” Mikhail sidled alongside Tray. Mikhail’s cultured Russian accent deepened as he continued, “Is Tray here giving you a hard time? I could break his face with my fist, be your champion extraordinaire.”

The poor thing was dumbstruck. Her lips parted but nothing came out. Now, Tray indulged his urge and rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah, if he’s Prince Charming, then I must be the Big Bad Wolf.” He fake growled, hiding his fangs behind taut lips.

A quick flash twinkled in her eye at his statement. She tried to smother a laugh but it didn’t work. Tray noticed she diverted herself by plunking at the register keys, totaling their order.

“That’s gonna be twenty-two dollars, sir.”

Tray reviewed the sum and peeked at the menu board. After a quick calculation of each item, he grimaced. It didn’t add up. “I think you might be missing something,” he offered courteously.

She shook her head and stared at Mikhail. “His is on the house.”

Before he could utter a thing, Mikhail slapped Tray’s back and whooped with hilarity.

“Serves you right, big bro, a bit of chivalry goes a long way.” Mikhail swaggered to the dining area where he ass-planted it in a back booth. His big, soldier-like body took up the space of one bench.

Tray paid the total, tossed the change in a glass tip dish, and leaned against the partition. When their order was up, he grabbed the tray with their plates and sauntered over to join his brother. He set the food down with a hard clank and one of Mikhail’s melon slices fell off with a wet plop. Sliding onto the opposite bench, he scowled at Mikhail and said, “Who do you think you are? Cujo?”

Mikhail’s lips twisted in a paltry attempt to keep his amusement at bay.

Tray drummed his fingers on the tabletop, waiting for a reply. He hated having his back to the room. Even with heightened senses, he preferred to see danger coming at him. It gave him time to calculate his responses, to determine what he would do to the person posing the threat. And, it spared him the heebie-jeebies feeling that was presently crawling along his skin, prickling with gooseflesh. Tray hated the infernal sensation and would never again be caught unawares in any situation.

When he’d fled their village in Abkhazia, some twenty-odd years ago, it was only after several horrible weeks of agony and torture. He hadn’t been spared the suffering. Luckily, while he was trapped, his brothers effectively found a way to evacuate the survivors.

Tray had found them nearly a month later. His physical injuries limited his ability to move speedily. Despite his wounds, his mind was his greatest weakness. The atrocities he witnessed in the scientist’s lab scarred his soul in ways he never thought possible.

Lured by the lovely, Sascha, he’d been blinded by his growing hunger and never noticed her duplicity. She was his blood host, his Adak; he required her vein to sate his need, and her body to give him release. It had been a fulfilling relationship for many, many years. Until the bitch had betrayed him.

Before dawn, on the day of the invasion, she’d convinced him to let her tie his hands behind his back in a mock attempt at seduction. What male wasn’t up for a little bondage now and then? Traian shuddered. The memories of being ambushed from behind made his gut roil. Sascha knew his Híbe, the special talent of manipulating nerve endings, was no good to him as long as they restrained him. He was utterly powerless, like that damned Samson who was deceived by his lover Delilah. Tray had fought with every ounce of his strength but he couldn’t battle the drugs pumped into him. The massive elephant tranquilizer had effectively shut him down. He’d been unconscious through the brunt of the incursion.

And when he finally woke up, he was in hell.

“Those bastard quacks,” Mikhail sneered with a low growl. “It’s been almost three damn decades and your head is still scrambled, Bro.”

Tray realized he’d zoned out, totally ignoring Mikhail and the food sitting there waiting for him to dig in. Lifting his chin, he met his brother’s concerned stare. With an indifferent shrug, he picked up the first half of one sandwich. “Next time, I’ll just toss you on your ass so I can sit where I’m comfortable. That way, I can spare you my little traipse through memory-fucking lane.” 


Thursday Thirteen: Unique Hero Names

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Every author has an important task set before him or her. The mission is in choosing the perfect name for their characters. There are popular names for heroes that seem to dominate romance novels. An avid reader can come across several of the same names, spelled in a variety of different ways. Off the top of my head, I can think of Kane, Kaine, and Kayne. There is also the big name shortened into a nickname, like Jackson to Jack. I did a quick search of heroes named Lucan, Luc or Lucien and there were pages of them in both regular and paranormal romances. But today, for my Thursday Thirteen post, I thought I would list 13 uniquely named heroes.

So, after a little bit of research, these are the thirteen distinctive names I dug up:

  1. Beckett from The Heat of the Knight by Scottie Barrett
  2. Shaz from Trina M. Lee’s Only Vampire’s Cry Blood.
  3. Amanda Steiger’s Dark Geist has a hero named Smoky Striggs.
  4. Slander Weldon is the hero of Stone Dead by J. Hali Steele.
  5. Lissa Matthews’s Vinter is one naughty Bassist in Simple Need.
  6. Lora Leigh could top off the next five or ten with most of her Breed novels, she has Callan, Taber, Styx, and Cabal, etc…
  7. J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is right up there with the Breed novels in regard to interesting name. I’m sure fans of the books could pick out the most exceptional for them. Not only does she have interesting emotive names, but she spells them differently, as well like Zsadist, and Vishous.
  8. Lionello “Lion” Andreas is the enigmatic hero of Iris Johansen’s Wind Dancer.
  9. The pirate prince Lazar di Fiori in Gaelen Foley’s The Pirate Prince won’t rest until his kingdom is returned to him.
  10. In the same theme as Lazar, Christina Dodd’s latest release Taken by the Prince features the hero Saber, a king who is fighting to get his throne and country back.
  11. As a Pride and Prejudice fangirl, I can’t forget Jane Austen’s Fitzwilliam Darcy. That name’s sure a mouthful.
  12. In the Urban Fantasy department, Alexis Morgan’s Paladin series features an other worldly hero named Larem in her latest release Bound by Darkness.
  13. It’s only fair that I contribute my own interesting hero name from Bound by Obsession which is my newest novel due out really soon. It features a vampire hero named Traian.


So, what original and unique names have you come across or picked as a hero’s name for your book? I know there are so many out there that it is impossible to list them all.

Have a great Thursday,


Monday with Mikhail: What I’m buying for my “playroom.”


Before I begin, I have to congratulate my brother Traian on the contract offer for his story. Christa has informed me that Bound By Obsession will be published by Liquid Silver Books.  Congrats kardes!

Hello humans. Today you celebrate Presidents’ Day. The government is doing its best to commemorate persons of importance. I’ve been around for quite some time and, in fact, have heard or seen almost all of these Commanders in Chiefs as they directed the United States into the country it is today.  I suppose they garner the accolades due to them. There are others in the history of the world that should be celebrated, but that is stuff for another post. What does this day mean to the people around here? Well, first for the kids, this is the opener of Ski Week, which means seven whole days of play. The adults are out shopping, trying to catch a good deal on electronics or cars. And,  me…Well, I thought I would spend this afternoon shopping as well.

 I don’t need another flat-screen TV. Traian is the one who has all the cool computer toys. Though, I do have the necessary electronics that make life easier, too. I’m going shopping for my spare bedroom that I plan to turn into a play room of sorts.

 An adult playroom.

 So, what should I put into this chamber of illicit activities?

 First up is the ergonomic, functional tantric chair.

Any way you want it...

 The Revel Essence Chair is up-scale and ritzy. Not only is it versatile, classy, and easy to use, but it offers an array of positions that will aid in a long, decadent night of play. This chair is found here.

 If you need suggestions on how to use it, check out their “positions” page. Some of these chairs have an interesting place for those naughty wands. Be warned though, it is not for those who are chaste, virginal, or prude. Why anyone of those attributes would go to a site where there are sex chairs is beyond me, but the warning stands.

 No playroom would be complete without a mat. There is a fantastic one, all in black, that is wedge-shaped but can be converted into many different designs. It is kind of bulky, so it takes up some room. I think it could be used for more than simple sex, though, and because of that, I will be  adding it to the collection.

 Another item for my suite will be a hot seat. If you could only imagine how awesome it would be for me to use my special talent to warm things up a bit, then you would know how cool it would be to add that to my room. Don’t know what a hot seat is? Well, I’m sorry, that’s a total shame.

 The kraliyet bodyguard, Demayan, suggested I pick up a swing. I’m not entirely sure of that one yet. I’m still debating. That contraption would probably make my oldest brother Ivan grin in glee. If he grinned. Or, felt glee.

 I’m up for a faux-fur throw, spread out before the fireplace. Nothing like my lover reclining there, cushioned by soft fur while she waits for me.


Other than a day bed that we can use and rest upon, and a sideboard fully stocked with alcohol, I think that about sums up the things I am going to buy today.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to make suggestions and don’t be shy. Tell me exactly what you would do with it as well.

 Be naughty. I’m sure the presidents were too.


Tuesday With Traian

In case you missed it, I am reposting the Got Romance Reviews Character Interview for Traian Komar, the hero of my next Blood-Vine novel.

 Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I’m Traian, the third son of Davran Komar, everyone I call friend, knows me as Tray. I have three brothers. Ivan, the oldest, is on a power-trip due to his high-ranking designation in our culture. Keep a wide-berth around him, he bites.  You may have met, Lucas. Recently, he got his head out of his ass, and patched things up with his mate Katiya. That leaves Mikhail, my closest brother and partner in crime. Right now, I’m not mated. I doubt I ever will be. Out of all the younglings my parents had, I’m the only who lucked out, looking like my grandfather. We both have blonde hair and green eyes. I live in a cushy penthouse smack dab in the center of Westwood, Los Angeles. On top of my stellar looks, I’m a techno-wizard, and have a network the good ole Feds would drool over. I have a special talent called a Híbe. My ability is to manipulate nerve endings for pain. Or pleasure. Ladies, I do offer free previews, if you’re interested. If you were to ask my sister Anna, what is unique about me, she’d say I’m the scary one in the family. I don’t sharpen my fangs or have claws, but I do have a temper and I’m not above eliminating threats. Mikhail deals with the bodies


What do you find most challenging about being a vampire?

I don’t consider myself a vampire. We use blood to elongate our lives, keep healthy and for procreating with our mates. Life would suck, yes pun intended, if I had to skip out on eating delectable foods, forgo enjoying a cold brewskie, and sleep in a casket. The most challenging thing about being Kan Asma, is knowing I can’t choose my own mate. I must wait for the Elders to find me a female and keep my fingers crossed she won’t select me. It’s total crap. Especially if the woman you want is human and the Council won’t let you have her. Freaking bullshit, I say.

Do you find that people have a hard time accepting you just because you’re a vampire?

We are a tight-knit community and keep our secrets to ourselves. No one in America even has inkling about our existence. If they did, they’d be, well, dead. However, some thirty years ago, we were found out by a government bent on learning all about us. They didn’t approach it kindly. Many of our people died while others are still being held as lab rats. Those of us who are refugees keep our lips locked about our kind. We might be strong and dangerous but there is strength in numbers. Being overrun at our most vulnerable time, daylight, is not something any of us want to relive. So, people do have a hard time accepting us, and I have many scars to prove it.

How old are you?

 I’m sure you couldn’t guess how old I am. I’m coming up on my second decade. Yes, the years of experience do make me better in bed.

What is it like working with your author – is she susceptible to your charms?

Miss Paige is easy to speak to as long as she isn’t being badgered by one of her cops or hogged by that new BDSM master who’s story is taking up all her time. I’d like to show him a thing or two about floggers and not in a pleasurable way. I’ll vamp up and admit I haven’t been easy on her recently. I can be prig-headed, demanding and angry. She probably won’t say it out loud, but sometimes I think I might frighten her. I don’t mean to, but what she wants to do with my future mate, infuriates me. Sometimes she can forget that I can be one scary Mother…, Sorry, forgive the vitriol. I have had to remind her a couple times that Mikhail is the player and I’m dead serious. I expect that we will come to an amicable conclusion, soon. If not, well, I might have to bare my fangs and show her who is really in charge, here.

How can readers reach you and buy your book?

Right now you can only see me in my sister Anna’s book. Also, a bit about me is in my brother Luke’s story. Keep yer eyes open though in 2011. I expect to have my tell-all released in the New Year. And, I’m the lucky one who got to go full-length, first. Miss Paige has informed me that I have a bit of a fixation when it comes to my mate, so she’s aptly named my book: Bound By Obsession. Hey what’s a vamp to do when the lady he wants, can’t be his?

Anything you’d like to add?

Christa neglected me while she attended to a detective. After watching his story unfold, I understand why she devoted so much time to Tyler Mason and his woman. It is a story worth reading, I’d say the cop has some snazzy seduction tricks up his sleeve. While you are waiting for my story to come out, you might want to watch Mason charm the swimsuit right off of Sophia in Star Spangled Kiss. Other than that, if you have any questions for me, send ‘em to Christa. While Mikhail lauds every fanmail that comes in, I’m not adverse to a few letters myself. Go sparingly on the perfume though, I do have heightened senses.

That concludes Tray’s interview.

Thanks for stopping by today.


2011 At

If you were hoping for Monday with Mikhail, I have good news for you. He is in Russia right now doing a little bit of reconnaissance and net is scarce. He should be back next week in full form. I have a feeling he will be a bit cheeky due to the lack of female companionship he has lately been dealing with. I hope he finds what he is looking for. Don’t tell him, but, he might be really close to stumbling on the love of his life. I believe she is in Russia, too, right now.

Today, I am blogging at Coffee Time Romance. The event is for Uniforms that Protect Us. You can check it out here: Coffee Time Blog. There are many authors participating and I know I am offering a give away as well.

Tomorrow, I will be posting an interview with Traian, Mikhail’s brother. For those of you who didn’t see it at the Got Romance Reviews, you can see it here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2011 with many great opportunities.


Six Sentence Sunday Bound By Obsession

I’ll be out of town this weekend, hanging in our RV in the middle of the desert. It is supposed to be fun and relaxing but the Weather Channel predicts low temps in the 20-30’s (ok, for So Cal they are low) and 45 mile per hour winds. Hoping we don’t end up hiding in the RVs the whole time. When I get back, I’ll be sure to check out everyone’s posts.

Now, before we pack up the rest of the motorcycles, toss in a few extra blankets and zoom out of here, I’m thrilled to share with you another bit of Bound By Obsession, the third book in the Blood-Vine series. I’m so happy that I finished the novel this week.

Traian has reconnected with Bethany after a long time. She’s grown-up and he is lambasted by the way his body responds to her. This is what happens in the first few moments of their meeting:

Jaw clenched, his brow furrowed, he set his hands on the desktop until the tips of their fingers were just a mere inch apart.

“Mr. Komar,” Bethany murmured hoarsely. “What is it you want from me?”

For a brief moment he said nothing; time slowed as he bent close. Fleetingly, his lips brushed against her cheek and she jolted at the heated contact. His warm breath feathered out and she trembled.

“What I want Bethany, is you,” he whispered the words against the shell of her ear.

Thanks for stopping by for another Six Sentence Sunday. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Six Sentence Sunday October 17th

For this Six Sentence Sunday, I am continuing with the Traian snippets. In this little excerpt, Tray has just arrived at Mikhail’s house. Mikhail is notorious for reading minds, uninvited. He’s just slipped into Tray’s head and this is the response:

“Bastard,” Traian grinned, “Someday I’m gonna deck you for invading the privacy of my internal reflection.”

Mikhail shook his head, “Empty threats bro, we both know I’m too beautiful for bruises; aren’t I doll?”

Tray watched his brother reach out and stroke the unbound hair of a spray-tanned, bleached-blonde bombshell.

“Very beautiful,” she trilled and shifted, rubbing against Mikhail like a freaking cat.

“Does she purr?” Tray asked, not bothering to hide his revulsion.

Mikhail nodded, “You should see her lap at me too, mind-blowing at the very least.”

Komar Brothers

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