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In case you didn’t see this posted everywhere. Next Tuesday the ab-so-lutely eye popping cover is being revealed– hosted by the ever fabulous and amazing Tracy Comerford​ at #BeMyBookBoyfriend.

A handful of ARCs have been sent out already.

Preorder links will be posted next week.
It is getting so exciting to see Gunnar and Nadia’s story getting close to release day.

Title: Mated In Treason
by: Christa Paige Author

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Tagline ↓

The cost of their forbidden mating will require great sacrifice. For love and an unbreakable bond, there is no price too high, not even banishment, or worse, treason.
When the kraliyet bodyguard ended up in her hospital bed after an explosion left him in critical condition, Nadia tried to warn herself not to fall in love with him. After all, she’s no vampire Cinderella, and happily-ever-afters didn’t happen to low-born females of the Kan Asma. But, her heart wouldn’t listen and, soon, she wanted to claim Gunnar as her forever mate, even if it meant taking him the only way possible, as a husband in a disgraceful human ceremony.
Gunnar fell in love with his nurse the moment he saw her smile. He yearned to claim her as his but the Council would never allow him to mingle his powerful blood with a female from a poor family. The penalty for an unsanctioned mating is a death sentence. He doesn’t care about the threats and possible consequences of making her his. Though, due to the high probability of genetic incompatibility, he can’t complete their blood-bond without knowing if it might take her life. Losing her would be worse than torture.
Their only hope lies with the treasonous Faction hell-bent on destroying the very people Gunnar calls family. Determined to find a way to be mated, Gunnar seeks out the leader of this hidden uprising. Together, Nadia and Gunnar must break every law and rite of their vampire culture to become bonded for life. Gunnar will play a deadly game of subversion or pay a blood price that would sever him from their people and put a bounty on his head. They must survive a dangerous infiltration of the Faction because they’ll do anything to be together, even if it means being mated in treason.

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Valentine’s Day Contest Entry

Run, don’t walk, straight on over to Passionate Squee Contest and enjoy all the goodies 13 authors have provided for your romantic, passionate, wicked Valentine’s Day entertainment.

Each author has shared a scene of passion and love for your enjoyment. On top of that, there’s a drawing for prizes. If you comment on each blog post, that gives you 13 entries. Some of the posts are sweet and passionate others are down right scorching hot and filled with adult content. So, there’s something for everyone.

My post goes live on February 6th, 2017 and it is an excerpt from Bound By Obsession.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Inspiring Myself: Day 3

Well, I am still working on the scene from yesterday. I spent a lot of time searching for images and not as much time writing. Before I knew it, my kids were home from school and the afternoon rush had begun.

So today I am not going to go overboard on the image searches. I will only search for one photo and it will be my proverbial carrot to finish the scene I am working on. This “carrot” is going to be highly sensual and embody the scene that comes next.

It involves a tight space. A wall. And the romantic couple engaged in something sensual.

(This should be easy. Easier if I turn off safe search mode, too. Probably could be time consuming. Okay must limit myself to searching for only 15 minutes. Right now it is 12:02. I have until exactly 12:17 to get this post done and back to writing.)

Ready. Set. Go……








Oh and because I am nice, here’s a bonus picture:




Okay. Now I really have to get back to the scene at hand, erm, I mean, the scene I’m writing.

Share your sensual wall kiss images if you can find one that you like–operative word there is 1.


Naughty or Nice

In case you missed the Romance Writers Behaving Badly’s Stuff Your Stocking Blog tour, I am posting the “Is Christa Naughty or Nice?” entry for those of you who would like to enjoy it, as well! Congratulations to Stacey Siferd-the winning commenter.

Am I naughty? Or, am I nice?

This is an interesting question that requires deeper thought and a bit of evidence. An examination of sorts just might give us the answer.

First let me look at the following picture. Go right ahead and look too. You too can take Christa’s simple, two-step Naughty or Nice test.

(Pillow Fight)

Now, to determine one’s status as naughty or nice it is good to define what each means.

naughty (ˈnɔːtɪ)
— adj , -tier , -tiest
1. mischievous or disobedient; bad
2. mildly indecent; titillating

nice /naɪs/
— adj,
1. virtuous; respectable; decorous
2. suitable or proper

Since we have something to refer to now, let’s examine another picture….
(Beach Santas)

A few notable quotes might help for a reference point:

Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.
Gary Allan

It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
John Templeton

(You are looking at the pictures again aren’t you?)

I know that my mind does not have any virtuous, respectable or proper thoughts in it, right now. So, that’s all the evidence I need to diagnose my present state of mind….

I’m also NICE because I shared those lovely photos with you!

So who is with me in the naughty group?

May you have the naughtiest, nicest Christmas Day!

Six Sunday: Irish Kiss

Six Sentence Sunday

To celebrate this past Saint Patrick’s holiday, I thought I would share with you a snippet from my novella Irish Kiss.

Gavin and Cassidy are at a pub. They arrived separately and soon Cassidy finds herself being manhandled by a pair of jerks. Gavin steps in and stakes his claim on her. This snippet happens right after they give the scumbags a reminder on how to behave gentlemanly. Gavin makes a quip about using his handcuffs on Cassidy and her desire for him becomes totally evident. (Please excuse the 7th and 8th sentences, I’m counting the dialog as just one sentence.)

“Son-of-a-bitch. That look on your face is gonna get you fucked up against the wall in the bathroom, Cass,” he cursed again.

“Is that a guarantee, Gavin?”

Forgetting the morons they were dealing with, he stormed over to grip her wrist and hauled her against him. “Let’s go. Right. Fucking. Now.”

Six Sunday is a great way to see what so many different authors are sharing. I hope you enjoy all the different snippets, today. To go back to the site, click the link:

Have a great Sunday!


Saint Patrick’s Day Blog-Hop: Irish Kisses

Welcome to the Saint Patrick’s Day author blog hop. I hope you have been celebrating in typical green fashion with delicious Irish drinks, wonderful snacks and many enjoyable blog stops. This tour you have a chance to win ebooks and a Kindle 3! Here at my site, I am giving away a $10 gift card to Amazon to one random commenter. Be sure to read through and leave me a comment to be entered to win the gift card.

For the author writing challenge, I am offering a little slice-of-life from the characters of my Kissin Cops story  Irish Kiss. This scene takes place one year after Irish Kiss and is full of innuendo, naughtiness and well, love. I hope you enjoy it.

But first, this wouldn’t be a blog-hop without the eye-candy. So, to get things going for Saint Patrick’s day I present for your enjoyment the following hotties:

No Pinching Him


Lickable Shamrocks...

Now, that the eyecandy has been distributed, on to the short slice-of-life: Irish Kisses… Just a quick content warning, this is an adult-themed snippet with many kisses, sexy touches and naughtiness before the fireplace.

Gavin didn’t need to look at the calendar, or have a Google alert, to remind him of today’s special meaning. One year ago, he’d finally made Cassidy his woman and they’d never been happier. He wanted to do something wonderful in celebration. He had a problem, though. Being a meat-headed cop meant sentimentality wasn’t his strongest suit. He knew the basics of romantic interludes. They included things like flowers and wine with a whole slew of kisses and maybe a bit of hot sexing as the finale. But, showing Cassidy the depths of his love meant going above and beyond.

Maybe he could present himself stark naked and tied up in a big green bow. She could do whatever she wanted with him and he’d happily indulge her every whim. No doubt, they’d get creative with the handcuffs, again. Heat curled low in his gut and his jeans got tighter at the groin. Just thinking about the sensuality they shared together made him hard as nails for her.

As he considered different ways to celebrate their anniversary, Gavin came to the conclusion that he needed to pull out the big guns. Taking his cell from his pocket, he scrolled through the contact list and stopped at Sophie’s name. If anything, his best friend’s gal could cook a meal princes would drool over. She’d probably have a ton of ideas to help him create the perfect night.

It had to be perfect. Because, Cassidy meant the world to him.


With a smile tugging at her lips, Cassidy followed the specifics of Gavin’s email down to the smallest detail. The directions to the beach house took her straight to a long driveway and she parked her Prius beside Gavin’s 69 Challenger. Her man sure had a sweet ride! After getting out, she tugged her overnight bag from the backseat and slung it over her shoulder. She’d been looking forward to this night and dressed appropriately in a sexy ensemble of seductive emerald satin. The precisely placed sash would come undone with a flick of the wrist. A thrill rushed through her when she imaged Gavin’s fingers latching on and pulling, revealing her naked body to his hungry eyes. She loved it when he got that look. It made her feel sexy and adored.

Walking up the cobbled path, she moved into the little patio area. The space had seashell decorations and two Adirondack chairs set side-by-side. She had no need to knock. Gavin specified that she should just go right in. Nerves fluttered in her belly and excitement made her heart-rate increase. She could hardly guess what Gavin had in store for her.

After moving into the foyer, she closed the door behind her and set her bag down. The smell of burning hickory wood drew her to the cozy living room. A low fire in the fireplace crackled with the lit kindling. A nest of pillows formed an inviting and intimate area in front of the fire screen. There was no need to refer to the instructions; he’d explained what she needed to do next. Striding to the cushions, she kneeled down, facing away from the entryway. Closing her eyes, she exhaled a shaky breath and wondered what Gavin would do next.


Ah hell, his woman was gorgeous. He didn’t know how long he could keep his hands off her. Good thing he didn’t have to for much longer. While she made her way into the room, he’d been waiting in the kitchen. Now that she was here and ready for him, he entered the area where she waited. Striding across the carpeted space, he made sure his leather boot heels didn’t make any noise. The element of surprise added to the anticipation. Coming up behind her, he drew the silk shawl from over his shoulder, twisted it and brought it around her head. She gasped when the material covered her eyes and a little tremor shook her shoulders. Securing the knot against her silky raven black ringlets, he dropped down to his knees, bent close and pressed a soft kiss to her throat. Skating his lips along the pulse points there, he paused just below her earlobe. “Happy Anniversary, mo chroí.”


“My heart,” she translated the Irish endearment and her lips quirked at the corners showing her joy.

“Always,” he added with a hint of emotion he knew she could hear.


She lifted her hand and reached out. Her investigator training proved in her best interest as she immediately found him. She ran her hand up his arm and squeezed his bicep. “Is this my surprise?”

Gavin leaned forward seeking more of her touch. “This and more.”

The tip of her tongue peeked out and moistened her lower lip. “Did you get me a Pot of Gold?”

He chuckled, “Last I looked I wasn’t wearing knickers and a top hat. I’m a county employee not a leprechaun.”

“Then, what are you wearing my sexy detective?” Her teeth bit down into the side of her cheek and Gavin wanted to kiss her. Swooping near, he caught her mouth with his and tasted her desire. Heady lust bolted through him like white-hot lightning.

“More than you are.” Eager to see her pale white skin in the firelight, Gavin found the single tie holding everything in place and yanked it. A few strategic tugs and the wrap-around dress spilled to the floor pooling at her knees.

She straightened her shoulders and shivered with the cool brush of air on her skin. A moment later her nipples tightened and each of her breaths lifted the heavy curves in a tantalizing display. He reached into his pocket and took out the next little present. “Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just a holiday. It was the day you became mine. This commemorates that night. I hope every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of that time in the pub bathroom.” He leaned close and draped the golden necklace around her neck. The chain nestled in the valley between her breasts and glinted in the flickering light.

“I won’t ever forget what happened in that bathroom, Gavin. It is burned in my memory forever.” One manicured fingernail traced along the golden links and she ran her thumb across the charm. “A shamrock?”

He grinned even though she couldn’t see it. “Yes. Each of the leaves has a meaning: Faith, hope and love.” He slipped behind her and splayed his hands at her waist tugging her into his chest. “I want each of those with you, Cass.”

She turned so quickly and laced her arms around his neck. “Me, too.”


Cassidy cuddled close to him before tipping her head back inviting his kiss. He didn’t disappoint and covered her mouth with his. He tasted divine; a hint of whisky and mint teased her taste buds as his tongue swept inside. She pulled back, needing to catch her breath. With her sight hindered she had to resort to her other senses. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips to his throat and nibbled her way up to his chin. The scratch of his stubble only intensified each sensation. Inhaling deeply, she took the scent of him inside her and reveled in the crisp musk of his cologne. Damn, he smelled so good. Using her sense of touch, she trailed her palms down his chest to his shirt. She made quick work of the buttons and divested him of the garment. Running her hands all over his torso, she felt each flex of muscle and the quiver of tight abs clenched under her fingertips. He was utterly ripped. But, he was still wearing too many clothes. “Take them off, please.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. In but mere seconds, he stripped bare. She knew when each boot hit the floor. The rattle of his belt gave her a mental picture as the hiss of it being released from the belt loops warned her of his intentions. Anticipating him, she lifted her hands above her head.

“That’s my girl.” The slide of leather around her wrists made her belly flip and a growing pressure in her core showed her mounting excitement.

He directed her to lie back on the cushions and covered her body with his. She parted her thighs, eagerly inviting him between.

“Celebrate with me, baby. Let me take you to the heavens and back.” Gavin muttered right next to her ear. He propped up on his elbows and his chest brushed against her breasts with each stretch of his body above hers.

“Heaven sounds wonderful,” Cassidy’s breath caught as he slipped within her, uniting their bodies.

“Even better than Dublin?” Gavin asked as he stilled. The flex of his length deep inside her set off a storm of intensity and her inner walls clenched around him.

“As in Ireland?” She could hardly speak now but managed to gasp her question as his pace increased and a quickening jolted all the way to her womb. Her knees gripped his sides and she longed to touch him.

“Yes.” Both his hands slid under her hips and lifted her into the cradle of his pelvis. “A week in the land of Saint Patrick, just you and me enjoying the sights.”

Cassidy wanted to show him how excited she was to go to Ireland with him but right now her body was demanding all her focus. Every second that passed, brought her closer to the pinnacle where bliss would crash into her and take her into that euphoric haze.

“Come with me baby, here and now. Then, to Ireland. And, maybe even more beyond that.” One of Gavin’s hands moved from under her to her bound hands. He yanked the belt free from her wrists and pressed her arms upon his shoulders.

“Oh God!” She shuddered and embraced him close. Holding onto him, her nails raking into the flesh of his back, she tumbled over the cliff into ecstasy.


After his heart rate slowed to a normal pace, Gavin drew the scarf from Cassidy’s eyes and looked into her loving gaze. “What do you think? Are you up for more?”

She blinked and stretched out on the pillows. “There’s more?”

“One word: Sophie.” Gavin traced her elegant cheekbone and circled the little dimple below a smattering of freckles.

“That’s the delicious scent of food I smell. Did she make her famous tamales, again?”

Gavin couldn’t hide his smirk. “Something like that.”

One of her perfectly-arched, black eyebrows quirked and she glared playfully at him. “If I bat my eyelashes and make a little moue will you bring the feast here?”

Like he could say no to the woman of his heart? Stark naked and proud as hell, he jumped up and went to do her bidding. Once in the kitchen, he gathered a plate full of different foods that Sophie had prepared. The social worker was an excellent cook. His partner, Tyler, was a lucky bastard to have Sophie around. After stacking the plate, he grabbed a bottle of wine and tucked the travel brochure from Auto Club under his arm. Returning to the living room, he set the wine down and held out the plate to Cassidy.

She pushed to sit and accepted the food. One glance and she burst out laughing. “Oh my God, why is it green?”

Gavin winked at her and said, “Sophie got creative with the tamales. She added an Irish flair to the Spanish dish. They taste just as good as when they aren’t green.”

Cassidy brought one to her mouth and bit down. She nodded her agreement.

Gavin settled beside her on the pillows and bent his knees. He opened the vacation planning book and thumbed through the pages. “The first place we have to go to is Cork, Ireland.”

She licked her lips and fished around the plate for a grape. Before she popped it into her mouth, she shrugged her shoulders and asked, “Why, there?”

“It’s the famous location for kissing.” Gavin hedged. “I want to kiss you in the castle and maybe sneak you into the battlements for a quickie.”

Rolling her eyes, Cassidy shot him a sexy grin. “Your detective radar would surely find some place to be naughty in.”

“Yes, but while everyone else is busy turning upside down so they can lip-smack the Blarney Stone, I’ll be enjoying kissing you.

Cassidy set the plate down and crawled on her knees to Gavin. She crouched over him and hovered close. “I’d be happy to enjoy a preview of the kissing, right now.”

Gavin slid his hands into her hair and fisted it tightly. “Hell yeah, baby. Right now. And, always.

And, he did.


 I hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun from Cassidy and Gavin’s first year anniversary. Leave me a comment and tell me what fun thing you like to do on Saint Patrick’s Day and I will draw a random winner from the commenters to win a $10 gift card to Amazon.

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RWBB Holiday-Hottie Blog tour

Welcome to Stop 4 on the Romance Writer’s Behaving Badly Holiday- Hottie Blog Hop! You should have arrived from Gem Sivad’s site.

This year at, I wanted to give you a very special time here, for the holidays. To show you how important you are to me, I thought I would even give you more than just one treat. So, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following eye-candy delights:

Fa La – Oooh – LaLa…

Deck My Hall...

Oh what Fun he is…

Jingle All the Way!

 Ho Ho Ho Who Wouldn’t Go…

Here Comes Good Ole' Hottie Claus...

 Now, which of those fantastic Sexy Santas would you like to come down your chimney and leave you a wonderful Christmas Gift? Don’t forget to leave me a comment, so you can be entered into the RWBB grand prize give-away. Also, one commenter will be chosen to win a copy of Star Spangled Kiss, my full-length Kissin’ Cops Contemporary Romance.

Thanks for stopping by this weekend! Have a wonderful holiday and see you back here in 2011!

Now, head off to your next stop: Savanna Kougar-

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


LSB Holiday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Rush Blog Tour. If you are just starting the tour, head on over to and take the “tour bus” through the entire blog hop. There are several wonderful authors participating with gift give-aways. At the end, there is an author chat, as well.  Don’t miss out on the holiday-themed, fun things going on this weekend.

Have you been running around in a crazy dash to get things done for this holiday season? Are you eager for the smiles and joy of Christmas gift-giving? Would a little break from the chaos help to recharge you? Well, I’m glad you stopped by today. I have some sweet eye-candy for you to peruse. And, a book give-away drawing that could add to your get-away time. So, enjoy these sexy views before you head out again, in search of that perfect present or wonderful, festive decoration.

Who has been a good this year?

Naughty or Nice?

 And for a bonus….

What do you want for Christmas?

Leave me a comment and tell me if you have been naughty or nice. I promise no coal will be passed out. Sometimes, naughty can be a good thing. I’ll choose a random reply to win a free digital download of Star Spangled Kiss. Maybe, a  hot summer love story can warm you up during this cold holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Christmas and fabulous 2011.


Monday with Mikhail November 22, 2010


I thought long and hard about what I would post today. I could have gone with the expected: What I’m Thankful For. Or the twisted: My favorite intimate positions. But, for my first actual blog here at Christa Paige’s site, I chose to go with something a bit more visually stimulating.

For my entry today, I will discuss the amazingly varied world of women’s panties.

Oh, yes, you saw that correctly.

I’m all male and there is nothing as hot, delicious and provoking as a pair of silky underthings a lady wears to cover her secrets.

First up:

 Flirty and Fun…

Lucky Luke.

 Now, let me tell you, I’m rather intrigued by a gal who is proud of her geekery. She might have a secret fetish for a long, hard light-saber and I’d be happy to let her play with mine.


Soft and Sensual…


I love the way the lace clings to her curves. It’s like a hug, right over the swells of her ass. Yup, I’m also thinking of the quick removal method, lace is so susceptible to fangs. A little bite and off they go.


Fun and Playful…


Who isn’t up for a little nautical nonsense once in a while? I know I’d like to join Spongebob and oh yes, I am so ready.

Another option:

Silky and Seductive…


I’ve always liked getting presents. Unwrapping them is half the fun. These are perfect for quick removal-with my teeth. You know you’d like that, wouldn’t you? A little scrape of my canines and a tug reveals everything underneath. Good thing there are two to untie, twice the pleasure, indeed.

Must haves,

Matched pair…

Black and White is so elegant.

Sometimes, I like to just look my fill.  Matching sets offer the delectable choice of looking high or low. Either way, I’m in for a treat.


Perfectly feminine…

The best part of all the lingerie selections is that what is underneath becomes mine for the night.  Whether it’s polka dots and lace, simple cotton hipsters or the very erotic g-string, I’m ready to indulge.

I’m glad you stopped by today. What are your favorite panties to wear? Ah, come on don’t be shy, I’m curious. And, if you’d like to turn the tables on me, I’m rather eager to find out what type of underwear you like to see your males wear? Tighty Whites or Boxer Briefs?

I’m game.



 All pictures found at tumblr.

Six Sentence Sunday November 21 Bound By Coercion

I have unique relationships with each of my novels. They all hold a special place in my heart. But, this story is one that goes a bit deeper than the rest. Sevastian and Nathalia have insurmountable odds keeping them apart. Their mating is not an easy one. Heartbreak, fear and many others things push them together but they have to overcome so very much, in order to find love in each other’s arms.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the fourth Blood-Vine novel, Bound By Coercion:

Nathalia’s fingers threaded through his hair, gently sifting the loose length. The tender exploration directed him to the side where her straining nipple beckoned. She wanted more and he wasn’t about to disappoint. Pushing his desire to feed aside, he flicked his tongue around the dusky, hard tip and rasped. Her grip at the nape of his neck tightened. Sevastian reveled in the sweet agony of that fleeting pain.


Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a great time visiting all the Six Sunday blog posts.