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Conversing with Ivan.

I spend a ton of time driving my kids hither and yon. Thursdays kick my butt ’cause I feel like I spend  hours just driving back and forth to places. I have been listening to the Love Never Dies soundtrack as a way to balance the non-stop One Direction noise my kids are obsessing over.


Have you heard the song Beneath a Moonless Sky? I don’t think I have ever heard a song so precisely written about the intimate act of loving paired to such a melodramatic tune. My kids hate it for the sheer operatic moments. I love it for the one line where Phantom croons, “And, then I TOOK you.”

Yes, please may I have another?


So, after listening to several of the songs my dancer began to protest and I agreed, simply because hearing that shrill vibrato Christine is belting out can become tiresome after a while…unless we are talking Phantom of the Opera and Past the Point of No Return with Gerard Butler. Hello, eye candy in sexy tight pants and black mask.


But, I digress. To appease my youngest, who has a great deal more flexibility when it comes to music, I thumbed through my CD collection. Since traffic wasn’t being kind, I blindly grabbed for a CD. The one I selected is a play list I made a while back for Sevastian and Nathalia, the vampire story I am supposed to be working on right now.
I started envisioning a scene that has been out of reach for a long time. Just as the picture became clear and things started turning into actual musing, everything went blank inside my mind (Phantom are you in there?) Nope! There was just a blank canvas of white. Oh, and this tall, imposing male was standing there with his arms crossed over his massive chest. He was precisely dressed in an expensive suit. His hair was perfectly styled. The harsh glint in his cobalt gray eyes pinned my inner muse in place. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear ending the dude in front of me. Because, I wasn’t paying close attention to the road due to the male’s narrowed gaze and hard-assed expression. I knew in an instant who was hijacking my mental thoughts, so, I confronted him.

The Kartal

I said, “What the hell are you doing, Ivan?”


Both his eyebrows went up and his glower could have frozen sunshine.


“I’m not afraid of you, Mister Vampire hard-ass,” I added with a harrumph.


“You should be.” That was all he said but the edge to his words would make a lesser being shiver in dread.


As a side note, I know I should be freaked out, the bastard does bad bad things to people he doesn’t like or who disagree with him.


Instead of cow-towing, I shrugged my shoulders and tried to be charming. “So, what brings you here, into my head, while I am musing dreamy scrumptious Vastian?”


He licked his lips, like he was wondering what I might taste like and how long it would take to sink his razor-sharp fangs into my teenie tiny human neck. Instead, he took two long steps and stood right next to me. Mental-me, had to look up and up some more just to glance into his austere face. His mouth quirked at the corners as he stared at me all cool and aloof.


Someone needs to put him in his place, I think to myself: Like a mate. That thought gets doused with ice cold water and is replaced with annoyance when he grabbed my virtual chin and forced me to look at him more fully. “What?” I managed to squeak out, though my lips make a little moue and the sound is garbled.


“I didn’t like what you did with Traian. I’m not happy with your thoughts for Sevastian either. He’s important in ways you don’t yet know. Mating him will… add complications.”


Since Ivan is a character in my own head, you’d think I would pop off a one-liner and tell him to knock his shit off.


But, since I DON’T know what is going to happen next in the story, I wonder if Ivan might just give me a hint by his protesting.


Right, big breath and ask….”What, you don’t like him going house shopping with Thalia? You have something against them living in Flintridge?”


He remained motionless, deadly calm. The tips of his fangs were barely noticeable but since I was watching him talk, I got a gander. His thumb traveled along my jaw to my cheek while he scrutinized me.


Then, he shook his head. “Nathalia won’t be able to handle the truth.”


WHAT? What truth? Crap. I thought her part of the heart ache was done. What the hell did Vastian do?


“I’m not telling you.” He simply breathed the answer. Damn, I must have spoken that last query out loud.


“Ivan.” I stomped my foot and the car lurched a bit. And, well, hello there little Prius driver. Sorry I scared you and you can lay off the horn now thanks. “Ivan, damn it. You have a strangle hold on my muses. Let them go. You freakin bastard.”


He lifted that long, muscled arm and my heart beat a little faster knowing that he could zap me with his mind bending powers and I could easily end up in Fantasy Land. But, he simply shook his pointed finger in my face and tsked.  Asshole I thought. He’s fuckin with my mind. It must be him keeping me from writing the vamps. SOB needs a kick in the ass.


“Better watch it, Ivan Komar- the Kartal- I can just as easily write your story. Don’t think you want everyone to know where you hid all those bodies…..”


Oh, score. He let go of me.


“Don’t go there with Vastian. He’s important to my cause.” His warning rang loud as a bell toll.


Go where? I pondered again. Come on, throw me a bone. “I am going there Ivan. So, why don’t you just stop playing puppet master and let my muses go free?”


One side of Ivan’s mouth kicked up. “You know I am not the one in charge. That’s Aleksi. But, in this, he and I are on the same page.”


Me, blink…smirk…aha! “Very well then. I will take this up with Aleksi. I’m sure he and I can come to a solution.”


“I wouldn’t count on it.” Ivan pivoted on his heel and strode into the vast white canvas. A few beats passed and he stopped. Peering over his broad shoulder, he pinned me with a heated stare. “You know the scientists would love to get their hands on Nathalia. Her father is searching for her.”


Me…lamblasted. “Huh?” was my stellar reply. But, wait, her father is dead, was my mental rebuttal. HOW do I not know this, aren’t I the author? Sheesh.


“Let that be a warning.” He slashed his hand through the air and on a blink vanished.


And that leaves me with more questions then before. All I could think of was that I could be relieved that Ivan didn’t mention Gunnar at all. If he knew what I was doing with that male and his mate, all hell would break loose inside my head. Ivan is going to be soooo pissed.


Freaking Ivan. Someday, he is so going to get his comeuppance.


Now, back to writing the story!

Tuesday With Traian

In case you missed it, I am reposting the Got Romance Reviews Character Interview for Traian Komar, the hero of my next Blood-Vine novel.

 Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I’m Traian, the third son of Davran Komar, everyone I call friend, knows me as Tray. I have three brothers. Ivan, the oldest, is on a power-trip due to his high-ranking designation in our culture. Keep a wide-berth around him, he bites.  You may have met, Lucas. Recently, he got his head out of his ass, and patched things up with his mate Katiya. That leaves Mikhail, my closest brother and partner in crime. Right now, I’m not mated. I doubt I ever will be. Out of all the younglings my parents had, I’m the only who lucked out, looking like my grandfather. We both have blonde hair and green eyes. I live in a cushy penthouse smack dab in the center of Westwood, Los Angeles. On top of my stellar looks, I’m a techno-wizard, and have a network the good ole Feds would drool over. I have a special talent called a Híbe. My ability is to manipulate nerve endings for pain. Or pleasure. Ladies, I do offer free previews, if you’re interested. If you were to ask my sister Anna, what is unique about me, she’d say I’m the scary one in the family. I don’t sharpen my fangs or have claws, but I do have a temper and I’m not above eliminating threats. Mikhail deals with the bodies


What do you find most challenging about being a vampire?

I don’t consider myself a vampire. We use blood to elongate our lives, keep healthy and for procreating with our mates. Life would suck, yes pun intended, if I had to skip out on eating delectable foods, forgo enjoying a cold brewskie, and sleep in a casket. The most challenging thing about being Kan Asma, is knowing I can’t choose my own mate. I must wait for the Elders to find me a female and keep my fingers crossed she won’t select me. It’s total crap. Especially if the woman you want is human and the Council won’t let you have her. Freaking bullshit, I say.

Do you find that people have a hard time accepting you just because you’re a vampire?

We are a tight-knit community and keep our secrets to ourselves. No one in America even has inkling about our existence. If they did, they’d be, well, dead. However, some thirty years ago, we were found out by a government bent on learning all about us. They didn’t approach it kindly. Many of our people died while others are still being held as lab rats. Those of us who are refugees keep our lips locked about our kind. We might be strong and dangerous but there is strength in numbers. Being overrun at our most vulnerable time, daylight, is not something any of us want to relive. So, people do have a hard time accepting us, and I have many scars to prove it.

How old are you?

 I’m sure you couldn’t guess how old I am. I’m coming up on my second decade. Yes, the years of experience do make me better in bed.

What is it like working with your author – is she susceptible to your charms?

Miss Paige is easy to speak to as long as she isn’t being badgered by one of her cops or hogged by that new BDSM master who’s story is taking up all her time. I’d like to show him a thing or two about floggers and not in a pleasurable way. I’ll vamp up and admit I haven’t been easy on her recently. I can be prig-headed, demanding and angry. She probably won’t say it out loud, but sometimes I think I might frighten her. I don’t mean to, but what she wants to do with my future mate, infuriates me. Sometimes she can forget that I can be one scary Mother…, Sorry, forgive the vitriol. I have had to remind her a couple times that Mikhail is the player and I’m dead serious. I expect that we will come to an amicable conclusion, soon. If not, well, I might have to bare my fangs and show her who is really in charge, here.

How can readers reach you and buy your book?

Right now you can only see me in my sister Anna’s book. Also, a bit about me is in my brother Luke’s story. Keep yer eyes open though in 2011. I expect to have my tell-all released in the New Year. And, I’m the lucky one who got to go full-length, first. Miss Paige has informed me that I have a bit of a fixation when it comes to my mate, so she’s aptly named my book: Bound By Obsession. Hey what’s a vamp to do when the lady he wants, can’t be his?

Anything you’d like to add?

Christa neglected me while she attended to a detective. After watching his story unfold, I understand why she devoted so much time to Tyler Mason and his woman. It is a story worth reading, I’d say the cop has some snazzy seduction tricks up his sleeve. While you are waiting for my story to come out, you might want to watch Mason charm the swimsuit right off of Sophia in Star Spangled Kiss. Other than that, if you have any questions for me, send ‘em to Christa. While Mikhail lauds every fanmail that comes in, I’m not adverse to a few letters myself. Go sparingly on the perfume though, I do have heightened senses.

That concludes Tray’s interview.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Monday with Mikhail

This is the last part of Mikhail’s interview with Vivien Jackson. Next week, he will be blogging about different topics and sharing his opinions with everyone about everything. If I had to guess, he’ll probably talk about hot chicks, good food and sports. But, I’ll try to rein in the sports by threatening him with a future mating. LOL

Now, on to the completion of the interview. If you haven’t read the last entries, here is the first part, second entry, third blog and the fourth.

VJ: If I eat garlic and then you suck me, do you have to use an EpiPen?

MK: Are you offering, then? Want to try it out? I’d have to sip from you long and hard to make sure. We can add some wine to sweeten things up a bit. *smirks with a hint of fang.* Is that another blush? Very nice. Okay, I’ll play fair. The only thing I’m allergic to is the sun.

VJ: Tangentially, is “suck me” the correct terminology or “bite me”?

MK: Either one works like an invitation, doll. I’m so there, fangs a’ready. Just tip your head to the side, a little bit more…

VJ: Sure. Yes. I mean, good to know! Are you cold or warm to the touch?

MK: I’m hotter than a Texan on a T-bone steak.

VJ: Can I check to make sure you didn’t just fib me?

MK: *pulls shirt up* Take your time.

VJ: Ummm hmmmm. Finally, the last question of the night: How do you get from LA to Australia without getting crispy fried by sunlight?

MK: Layovers aren’t just for quickies in the bathroom…. Ah, okay, you want me to answer seriously. Well, I’ve never been down under, so I have no anecdotal information there. It takes a lot of planning to ensure we don’t get caught ass bare in the sun. But with internet check-ins and a variety of flights to choose from, only stupid vampires would go non-stop into a radiation fry-fest.
Now, if that’s all, thank you, Miss Jackson, for visiting me tonight. Would you like to stay until sunrise? I’ll make it worthwhile….

Well, there was going to be more to the interview, but I got sidetracked. Still: See? Informative! And I didn’t even ask him if he sparkles.

Thank you, Vivien, for taking the time to interview Mikhail.


Monday with Mikhail

Unfortunately, last week Mikhail had to miss out in his weekly post. But, he is back today with more of his interview with the lovely Vivien Jackson. If you missed any of the other interview snippets, so far there are three different parts.  Go here for the first, and this is the second, and finally, the third.

Mikhail Komar

We left off with Vivien asking Mikhail about virgin blood. I’ll let him take it from there.

VJ:Does virgin blood taste better?

MK: Human blood is human blood: ordinary. I stay far away from virgin Kan Asma females, though. Biting one of them and sipping from her vein means curtains for my bachelor-hood. My brother Traian declares there is nothing as sweet tasting as an innocent mate. I’ll simply take his word for it.

VJ: You have special powers, right? What’s yours?

MK: *reaches over to touch Miss Jackson* I can wield currents of energy and manipulate them into a heat source. Very handy during sexcapades. Women love what I can do with the simple stroke of my fingertip. Feel it?

VJ: *ENDEAVORING* What about shapeshifting into a bat? Can you do that?

MK: Right, can you turn into a squirrel? No? Well, we are a people similar to humans. Same physical make-up only with better genetics. Our Híbe talents run the gamut, but no one has ever turned into a bat. My sister has an affinity for romance novels with shapeshifting dragons, but we don’t have that power either. I may look civilized, Miss Jackson, but I don’t need to morph into an animal to scare the shit out of someone. My fangs will do the job all by their lonesome.

VJ: Mirrors: can I see you in one or not?

MK: *quirks an eyebrow and mutters about vampire lore* I might have a wicked, soul but I assure you that has nothing to do with seeing a reflection or not. How else could I get this scruffy perfection and precisely clipped goatee? Its vamp-scaping to the fullest and I do need a mirror to achieve such excellence.

VJ: Do you have one over your bed?

M: Wanna come over and see if I do?

VJ: Sorry, that was inappropriate. MuchlikethethoughtsI’mhaving. Anyhoo…

MK: I like your thoughts, let’s indulge them. I’m especially intrigued by the one with the belt and cuffs. Oh and chocolate too. Why Miss Jackson you do have a naughty, dirty mind. You should come over sometime.

VJ: If I eat garlic and then you suck me, do you have to use an EpiPen?

~ Well there you have a few more interesting tidbits about Mikhail. Come back next Monday for the completion of this interview and then the following week for some Mikhail blogging fun.


Monday with Mikhail: Team Edward or Jacob…

Mikhail is back today, continuing his interview with the ever witty and always entertaining Vivien Jackson. If you missed any of his earlier installments, check here for week one, and this is week two and last week’s is here.

Last week he left off with an interesting question…

VJ: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

MK: *Rolling eyes*-Neither. Have you seen the way they dress? And what’s with the Volvo? Soccer moms, sparkly or not, drive in hatchbacks. I’ve got a Testarossa, wanna take a spin in it with me? I’ll go fast, or really slow. But, honestly, Jacob at least has balls and seems to use ‘em. I don’t support any male vampire who lets a woman lead him around by the dick. Gotta vamp up, take advantage of the superiority.

VJ: I will endeavor to stop visualizing you in a Ferrari. Or leading you around by genitalia.

*endeavoring* Ah, now I feel better. Do you ever worry about the Feds finding out about your cannibalistic practices?

MK: Don’t you know cannibalism is the new black? I believe you have been reading those horror novels, again. I’d be happy to show you what it means to have a vampire dine on you….

VJ: *endeavoring* Have you or your kind ever run afoul of governments because you, you know, eat people?

MK: *glowers* We do not eat people. America doesn’t even know we exist, so no afoul running there. We have had our dealings with Russia, but those are handled by the fang-squad internally on a need to know basis. Sorry, but you don’t need to know.

VJ: … about that. Check. Okay: Does virgin blood taste better?

Mikhail promises to come back next week to answer that most loaded, naughty question.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another glimpse of what I think Mikhail looks like, enjoy!

Mikhail Komar

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday with Mikhail

Mikhail spent the most of last night playing with his adak, Veronica and Jasmine. So, he’s a bit late today with his posting. Yep, he likes to over-indulge.

Here is more of his interview with Vivien Jackson. If you missed any of the earlier posts, check them out here: First part of the interview and second part of the interview. We left off with Miss Jackson asking Mikhail if he believed in werewolves, read on for his response.

MK: I’ve been alive for a very long time. Never seen any person morph into a poof ball. Imagine how sucky that would be. One minute human, the next scratching for fleas or worse licking one’s….
*shudders* If I ever met a werewolf, provided he isn’t Native American because I am sure there are Bill of Rights rules about that, I’d domesticate it and be sure to have it housebroken before allowing it on the furniture.

VJ: Demons?

MK: Have you met my eldest brother Ivan? I believe evil roams this earth, roaring like a hungry lion. Is it a demon stalking you in the deep, dark of night? Or a rogue angel? Perhaps. I’ve seen horrible atrocities, Miss Jackson, I have no doubt Demons are at work, and evil is insidious.

VJ: Fairies?

MK: I live in West Hollyweird, but I don’t think you mean those types. TinkerBell I’ve heard won’t exist if I say there are no fairies. I’m ok with all-out murdering of assholes and slitting the throats of half-breed bastards who harm my sister, but I won’t take the rap for slaying TinkerBell. Can’t have that on my eternal conscience.

VJ: The tooth fairy?

MK: Do you know, the Fang Fairy leaves C-notes? I would have loved catching that hot little fairy when she came to collect my canines. She could reward me any way she pleased. Especially if she looked like this:

That’s it for now. Next week Mikhail will be expounding on whether or not he is Team Edward or Team Jacob. Boy, he has a lot to say about that.

Thanks for stopping by today. Feel free to ask Mikhail any burning questions you might have. He’ll be sure to answer them soon, as long as he doesn’t get distracted again with his adak (blood-hosts).


Monday with Mikhail!

So we left off last week with Miss Vivien Jackson asking Mikhail if anyone ever called him Misha. Read on for the answer and for a bit more of the interview:

MK: Misha? Anyone else would not get away with calling me that but for you, doll, I’ll make an exception.

VJ: Pardon me whilst I blush. There. I feel better now. Soooo, next question: Those Sookie books posit a hypothetical world where all you vamps are out of the closet.

MK: What’s in the closet? Maybe I’d like to stay in there. Right now, there’s too much danger in Los Angeles for us to reveal anything about our people. I’ll excuse your humanity for not understanding the threat.

VJ: Have you read the books or seen True Blood? Got any thoughts on ’em?

MK: We play shots whenever the show comes on. Sleeping in a coffin, one low-ball straight up. Implosions require one shot and a chaser. Sizzling silver, yeah that one incurs a couple fingers of scotch. The hawt sex… too bad they haven’t asked me to join the show. I’ve got some ideas there. If I met Eric, though, I’d shake his hand. Dude has a great grasp of foreign languages and runs a tight ship. I’d stop being a namby pamby tho and take Sookie as mine. Nothing doin if you let someone else bang what’s yours.

VJ: Who would win, a vampire, a werewolf, or SpiderMan?

MK: I can read thoughts Miz Jackson “Ab-licious” Really? Might want to clear your mind of ripped abdomens. I’d be happy to show you mine to give you an idea of perfection. A vampire of course would win, fangs down.

VJ: *more with the blushing* To the best of your knowledge, are there werewolves?

Trust me, you don’t want to miss Mik’s thoughts on werewolves. Come back next Monday and see his reply.


PS I want to send a happy birthday shout-out for my biggest fan, my mom. She has a super special 60th celebration today! Happy Birthday Mom!