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March Joy Challenge Day 3

The Joy-Dare for Day 3 is to find three blessings in things that you wear.


Luckily, wearing things happens all day long. And, I know that there are some special things that I wear that are blessings and that bring joy.



1. For my birthday my oldest gave me a necklace that touched my heart. She bought it with her own money and planned for the delivery date after I left for San Francisco. It is a pendant necklace that has the storybook from Once Upon a Time. That’s my favorite show. And every time I see the necklace it brings a smile of joy to my face.

2. It might seem like a typical response for this challenge but it is something that touches my heart and means so much to me, so number 2 is my anniversary band. It is the exact cut of the diamonds that I like and the gold band is shiny but simple. I got it for my tenth anniversary. We are nearing year 17 and the ring is still as beautiful as it was when hubby first put it on my finger.

3. After that sappy little joy bringing item, the third entry will probably seem ordinary. I’ve never had boots before. I thought my disability would make it difficult to walk. But for Christmas and then again on my birthday I got boots. And I love them. They make me feel pretty and stylish and taller. That combination brings me joy.

Day 4 Looks like a huge challenge: 3 gifts that are hard to give thanks for. I promise that I won’t choose PMS as one of the entries.

Is there anything you are wearing that brings a smile to your face?



March Joy Dare: Day 2

The challenge for Day 2 is to find three things that are joyful and the color green.

I thought this would be a huge challenge.

But, I was optimistic. Here’s what I found:

1. First thing in the morning of Day 2 I found a green thing to be joyful for–coffee, specifically Green Mountain. For my birthday I was given a big box of my favorite flavors: Spicy Eggnog, Gingerbread and my most favorite French Toast.

I thought that number 1 “Green-Joy” was quite simple to find so the next one should be a piece of cake. However, the day began in a rush and there were many frustrating and stressful moments. For several hours, I forgot completely to look for the green challenge. Closer to the afternoon as we were leaving Los Angeles, I remembered that Carmageddon 2013 was tying up the freeways right where I was heading. My next driving choice ended up being the catalyst for my second “Green-Joy” challenge.

2. I was about to get on the freeway when my daughter said she was hungry. Figuring that I could find a place for a quick snack, I bypassed the freeway entrance and took a city street. Unbeknownst to me, that decision saved me hours of horrendous LA freeway traffic. We sailed down the city street and missed all the congestion. On top of that, we had straight green lights for many miles. It was a joyful drive home.

 It took a while for me to recognize the third of my green joy moments. It happened when I went to tuck my oldest into bed. I was sitting on her bed and just talking with her when something caught my eyes.

3. I have to smile as I realize this is a green-joy blessing. Crocodiles and alligators, oh my. But, those stuffed animals and other knick-knacks are my daughter’s favorite animals. They define who she is–unique, creative, driven, and artistic. I know it sounds strange, that a crocodile collection can show all those descriptions but how many little two-year old girls like crocodiles instead of dollies? Mine did and still does at age 14 going on 15. She even won a collection award at the fair. Whenever I see a crocdile or alligator, it reminds me of the special and wonderful girl that I’m priveledged to be the mom of.  (The following is a photo of her collection.)

The challenge for Day 3 seems like it should be a simple one. It has to do with something you wear.

Has anything green brought you a blessing of joy today?


Finding Joy in March

I have taken the joy dare for the month of March. It is part of a greater challenge that helps you find 1000 joyful things in your life throughout 2013.

The first day of March, we’re asked to find 3 events/things at 3pm. These are the joyful moments that I was blessed by:

1. Right about 3pm we found out our dancer daughter had booked a great commercial that she was so excited to be chosen for.

2. My mother-in-law unexpectedly brought over a tulip bowl that is left inside the house and they bloom right there in the bowl.

3. My family told me that they would be taking me out for a special birthday dinner at the Pirates’ Adventure.

Having a time that is designated for acknowledging a joyful moment in my life helps to ground me and shows me that there are many small things that happen that shape who I am.

Day 2 is an interesting challenge. “Green” is the keyword.

Next Big Thing

Vivien Jackson tagged me for the Next Big Thing blog post. Thanks Vivien, it is always fun to play along with these fun activities.

The deets: The Next Big Thing blog post is basically answering 10 questions about your wip.

So, these are the questions I have to answer:
1. What is your working title of your book? Mated in Treason

2. Where did the idea come from for the book? Expanding the world of the Kan Asma Vampires.

3. What genre does your book fall under? Paranormal romance featuring vampires.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

For Gunnar I would cast Trevor Donovan.

Gunnar Muratti

For Nadia, I would select: Beren Saat a beautiful Turkish model and actress.


5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? By mating in secret, they defied the dictates of their people but now they must decide to accept the consequences or join forces against those they love. (This blurb is a work in progress.)

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I intend to have this series published through a publisher.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Still writing it, so I don’t have an answer to that. I’d say from start to submit-ready about 9 months to a year.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I’m not sure, I’d say there are a few Prime novels from Susan Sizemore that have some of the forbidden lover tropes, and there are many books with paranormal societies that have tight regulations about mating.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?  Gunnar, the hero, gave me a nice look at what he was suffering through and I just had to write what he was showing me.

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Mikhail shows up and reveals a little more about his very secretive backstory. Also, there is an across the railroad tracks romance and a huge rift that happens within the Kan Asma culture. Things are really going to get heated between the high born ruling class and an uprising called the Faction.

This has been fun. Anyone who wants to take this blog prompt for their own, consider that my passive tagging style.

Thanks for stopping by.


Love Triangles

On love triangles.


A while back, I glutted myself on watching a marathon of back-to-back television episodes. The show isn’t one I would have normally watched and I am quite surprised with my reaction to it. The reason I am so intrigued is because there is such a clear-cut, emotional love triangle going on. I was sucked in from the very first hour because the hero is completely affected by the possibility of losing the love of his life to his nemesis. So, what is this show? It is the BBC adaption of Robin Hood. The triangle is tightly strung between Maid Marian and her duty to marry Guy of Gisborne in order to throw him off of her illegal activities to help Robin. The moment that Guy finagles an engagement from Marian, Robin is standing outside the window listening. When Marian says-yes- Robin’s face is just this picture of agony and defeat. Marian is his woman. His love. And, he can’t stand the idea of another man having her.


I watched this show with a complete affinity for the tortured hero and was totally hooked. At the end of season 1 a tragedy happens. Robin is absolutely gutted and as he kneels over Marian, he tells her he loves her. That’s the stuff of romance novels and it reminded me why I love to write them. But, I digress. Going back to the topic of this post- the love triangle- I started to realize that the Robin-Marian-Guy triangle isn’t the first I fell head-over-heels for. There are several others that call to the sappy romantic within me. I thought I would list a handful of them and see what the common theme is that is so attractive to my romantic muse.


The first that comes to mind is another British hero: King Arthur. What a triangle! I can never choose who I like best. Arthur is a tragic hero full of nobility, skill and good looks. He is powerful and chivalrous. And, he is king. I’d love to “Yes, your majesty,” him simply for a little taste of all that Camelot destiny. But, then, oh my Lancelot. Tortured. Skilled. Oh, so brave. If you watched the Clive Owen version, that sexy knight can wield two swords at the same time. In First Knight, he’d risk his own life for just one kiss of Guinevere. How does a woman choose?


Next is my first love triangle crush. The Phantom of the Opera. However did Miss Christine Daaé end up with Vicompte de Changy? Cause he is hot, rich, and totally in love with her. But, the Phantom….he can croon in my ear whenever he’d like. I can put aside the murdering thing. (Buquet and Piangi deserved it, lol) The fact that Christine makes Eric feel for the first time in his long miserable life just touches my heart and I root for him to win her hand. There is the little forced seduction thing and I for one think it is a little hot to be seduced by a masked man but alas, Raoul has fine horses, a title, estates and in the Gerard Butler movie, is a freaking awesome swordsman. Choices, choices, I think in this instant the Phantom wins my vote.


I feel the need to list a couple honorable mentions. I absolutely adored Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and Lee “Apollo” Adama in the Battlestar Galactica remake. When she ended up married to Anders and Lee married some woman I don’t even want to remember, I was totally peeved. But, that made for a crazy amount of sexual tension neither Kara or Lee managed to get over. Each kiss, every secret moment ended up making me want them back together. Or sweating it out in a hot sex scene. Talk about chemistry, it was totally sparking. I didn’t like the ending. In my mind, they finally hooked up and got their HEA. Also, Jack, Kate and Sawyer from Lost. I never knew who I wanted her to end up with. However, Sawyer was my favorite of the eye candy dudes so, I was gunning for that relationship. When, near the end of the show, Sawyer sees Kate again, the emotion on his face is so strident, utterly stricken, my heart did a little kick. Once again, I was engulfed by my love triangle fascination, this time with Sawyer in the middle of Juliette and Kate. Finally, my sci-fi loving heart has another love triangle to be a shipper over. Stargate Universe has an unusual triangle between oh so soldiery Lt. Scott, pretty aristocratic Chloe and the brainy but sensitive Eli. Now, usually I would go with the soldier. Scott is handsome, devoted, regimental. He can shoot at scary monsters, get his ass kicked and still rescue the fair maiden. But, Eli quotes Star Wars. Eli has a dry sense of humor. Eli makes computers sexy. Too bad the show got the axe. I’d sure like to know which one of those dudes is going to end up with the newly alienized gal.


So, do you have any love triangle recommendations for me? I want to read new stories or watch a show with characters who are seriously conflicted by their circumstances. I especially love it when the hero wants to be with his love but she is kept away by some duty. It tugs at my heart strings to see him so affected by the inability to make her his. And, I adore it when he has to watch her being wooed, touched, kissed or taken away by his rival.


Ah, the love triangle. So, romantic.

Next time, I am going to talk about another trope I adore in romance: Unrequited Love. And first on my list is Mary Margaret and David AKA Snow White and Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time.



Me, sweet?

What does being “sweet” mean, really?
The dictionary says it can be an adjective, adverb or even a noun.
  • If I go with the adjective: that means that my blog tastes like honey or is sugary. 
  • As an adverb, it describes my site as being of a sweet manner.
  • The noun works best for describing my little corner of the web, I suppose, because it means that it is pleasant to the mind or feelings. I’m sure I could find some eye candy to corroborate that! 
Whatever way my site is sweet, the wonderful Vivien Jackson  “nominated” me for the Sweet Blog award and I’m ever grateful for her support.


Of course, I don’t get to just accept my award with a dainty little speech.

Actually, I have to do something.

The rules of this award are as follows:

1. Thank and Link To the Person who Nominated You. Mucho Gracias, Miss Vivien! You can follow her at her blog or on twitter @Vivien_Jackson.

2. Share Seven Random Facts About Yourself. (UH OH)

3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies. (I’m quite sure that I am the last one to get around to doing this.)

4. Contact those buddies to let them know. —In the event that I’m not the last person on the romance author net to be tagged, I shall do my best to tag them.


On to the Seven Facts About Me:

1. I’m a BBC Robin Hood junky but I refuse to watch the last episode because I won’t acknowledge what they did to him.  Marian calls him “Handsome.” Isn’t that the sweetest pet name ever?







2. My favorite flower is the tulip. Yellow tulips are beautiful and smell like honey. Also, the symbolism is sweet: There is sunshine in your smile.  Did you know orange tulips represent enthusiasm, passion and caring? Such pretty flowers with beautiful symbols.





3. Even though I live in Southern California, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan. My favorite player is not OchoCinco, nor the quarterback but #2 Mike Nugent, their kicker, because he has been the difference between a win or a loss. The kickers never get the credit they deserve.







4. I’m the biggest Star Wars geek. I even have the R2-D2 Droid phone. Yes, it does play R2-D2 signal beeps to indicate when I have a new message. Right now, my text message indicator is R2-D2 in Dagobah when he is under the swamp water.





5. My favorite romance artist is Waterhouse. Because I have a thing about knights-in-shining-armor, my favorite is Lamia.




6. My favorite type of food is Italian. Especially if it comes with a side of garlic bread. Yes, I am a carb-addict.





7. I love frozen yogurt. My favorite flavor is caramel cream. I load up the frozen goodness with caramel topping and marsh-mellow sauce. Yes, I have a sweet tooth and love to indulge it.






Thanks again, Vivien for nominating me.