Exciting News!

Mated in Treason has been contracted by Hartwood Publishing and is due to be released in June 2017!

I am so excited to share this news and to be able to expand on the Kan Asma Vampire world. This new story delves deeper into the world of the vampire refugees first introduced in my Blood-Vine series. Mated in Treason looks into the deep sacrifices and intense fight it takes for a love match in a society that forbids emotion in a blood-bond.

Stay tuned for cover reveal and opportunity for ARC reviews.

I’m working diligently on the next book in this series, as well.

I can’t wait for you to meet Gunnar and Nadia. She’s no vampire Cinderella and he’s Prince Charming’s Valet. To find their Happily Ever After it will take enduring hardships, fighting their societal laws and turning to their enemies. The consequences for falling in love are vast. Losing the chance to be together is not an option. If treason is their only hope, they will take it.

Mated in Treason. Kan Asma Vampires Book 1–coming June 2017!


Kan Asma Christmas Tradition

Merry Christmas!

Here is a little glimpse into the Kan Asma- style Christmas tradition.

I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas day!


“It’s time for the blooding.” Mikhail launched from the second-floor banister and did a tight somersault landing on the main floor with hands up like a gymnast. The loud stomp of his boots echoed through the vaulted atrium as he rushing into the kitchen.

“Who’s it going to be this year?” Lucas flashed his fangs. “Should we do a lottery or pull names from a hat?”

Tray waved a long, serrated knife in the air.  “This should do the trick.”

Anna slipped through the open doorway, her mate Dimitri right on her heels. “I’m partial to using fangs.” He winked but mostly just for Anna.

Therese shook her head and backtracked through the kitchen moving through the crowded dining room to where her mate waited with a glass of sparkling wine. She sipped it and savored the sweet bubbly Moscato as it danced on her tongue. “You’d think they’d want presents and Christmas Carols. Instead, they are stuck in the middle ages, still.”

Davran nuzzled her throat, a scrape of fang teasing along the pulse points. “They’re predators. It is in their DNA to engage in a blooding.”

“It’s messy.” Therese frowned, remembering last year’s Christmas mess had her rushing from her mate’s embrace and heading back to where her offspring were beginning to engage in a long held Kan Asma tradition.

“Must you field dress that thing in my stainless-steel sink?” she shouted as she dashed into the kitchen.

“Kinda frowned upon to do it outside.” Mikhail cocked an eyebrow. God, that son of hers was a cocky young male. She wouldn’t tell anyone, but, she found him charming and adorable. And, too handsome for his own good. Perhaps he’d settle down soon. She’d have to talk to Ivan about finding him a mate.

Luke twirled a sharp meat prong between his fingers. Therese didn’t have to guess why his mate Katiya avoided the kitchen. No respectable female would want to see the carnage in her normally spotless kitchen. “Ah, we need to get this going, I’m starving.”

“Don’t worry nan, we’ll have it all spic and span again for you as soon as we are done.” This time it was Traian giving her the assurance. Except, last year he’d hit an artery and the blood splatter on the wall had to be scrubbed with bleach.

Therese wagged a finger. “You stay away from it, Traian Komar.”

The other siblings in the kitchen groaned collectively.

“Give that to me.” Anna grabbed the knife from her brother and trudged to the sink. “Nan, this is the biggest suckling pig I’ve ever seen. How did you even get it into the kitchen?”

Therese smiled. “Your father, of course.”

Ivan took that moment to march into the room, a scowl on his austere features. She loved her eldest son. He had such a commanding presence and looked so much like his grandfather, the leader of the First Mates.  But, trying to find him a gift for Christmas proved nearly impossible. Except for Mikhail. He’d asked her to wrap a Costco bulk purchase of spray starch for Ivan. Oh, that was going to cause a ruckus during the gifting time.

Therese grinned. All her children were in the room with her. They were in the process of preparing the monstrous pig for the roasting. It’d look like something out of a medieval painting soon. By twelve in the morning, they’d have an entire wood pit constructed in the back yard and the pig on the spit. While they teased each other and joked, eating treats and drinking mulled wine, they’d turn the pork until the thing was cooked through.

Then, her favorite part of Christmas would happen. They’d share the dinner together, enjoying the quiet moment of celebrating while dining on the roasting pig.

Then, well, she’d march her younglings right back into that kitchen and start a new tradition—they’d get to clean the dishes and make sure any blood stains were gone by dawn.

Therese left the kitchen, intent on finishing up the final wrapping of her gifts. She loved Christmas because it meant being with her family.

And, that delectable pig.

Preorder linkage

With our release in T-minus 8 days we have been working doubly hard for pre-order status of Beaux. Ballrooms and Battles. As the links go live, I will be adding them here.

This morning we had the pre-order link for Amazon become available so here it is:

Pre-order Beaux, Ballrooms and Battles

Pre-order Beaux, Ballrooms and Battles

Christmas Traditions: Caroline

A Christmas CarolineThe second short story released in the Christmas Traditions Cotillion from Ellora’s Cave is my very own story, co-written with the stellar Vivien Jackson: A Christmas Caroline.

Writing this story was an incredible adventure that took us on a research journey that often had us excited by new and unique discoveries from the Regency period during Christmas.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Lady Caroline Selwyn’s world centers on her father, so when she receives dire news of his health—two days before Christmas, no less—her first thought is to weep. Her second is to make this Christmastide the best he’s ever known. She rummages in memory for festive traditions, plans charades, purchases bean cakes…and acquires an affianced husband. Oh, not a real one—what she does is convince Papa’s physician to pretend an engagement, for just a few weeks.

Doctor Samuel Avery can hardly credit his complicity in this madcap deception. Whatever was he thinking? But it does seem to improve the comfort of the earl, and his own sisters are in alt at the idea of his impending nuptials. And he has admired Caroline for so long, the role of her betrothed is easy to play. In fact, the scheme seems in every way perfect. Except that it is not true.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave

Available now: Ellora’s Cave | Amazon | All Romance e-Books

March Joy Challenge Day 3

The Joy-Dare for Day 3 is to find three blessings in things that you wear.


Luckily, wearing things happens all day long. And, I know that there are some special things that I wear that are blessings and that bring joy.



1. For my birthday my oldest gave me a necklace that touched my heart. She bought it with her own money and planned for the delivery date after I left for San Francisco. It is a pendant necklace that has the storybook from Once Upon a Time. That’s my favorite show. And every time I see the necklace it brings a smile of joy to my face.

2. It might seem like a typical response for this challenge but it is something that touches my heart and means so much to me, so number 2 is my anniversary band. It is the exact cut of the diamonds that I like and the gold band is shiny but simple. I got it for my tenth anniversary. We are nearing year 17 and the ring is still as beautiful as it was when hubby first put it on my finger.

3. After that sappy little joy bringing item, the third entry will probably seem ordinary. I’ve never had boots before. I thought my disability would make it difficult to walk. But for Christmas and then again on my birthday I got boots. And I love them. They make me feel pretty and stylish and taller. That combination brings me joy.

Day 4 Looks like a huge challenge: 3 gifts that are hard to give thanks for. I promise that I won’t choose PMS as one of the entries.

Is there anything you are wearing that brings a smile to your face?



Six Sunday 9/4: Make it hurt: Some more kink.

Welcome back for another Six Sunday post. I’m still working on Love the Way it Hurts, my kinky pain and pleasure story. Today’s Six comes from Ian and Alexa’s first time together. Ian has just introduced her to the strike of his belt and wants to know if she’s strong enough to continue further instruction.

“What do you feel?” Pushing her past the limit served no purpose. He’d break her spirit and ruin her budding trust in him. He didn’t think she was ready to stop, but he had to make sure she could handle increasing the pain.

“Tell me,” Ian prompted while keeping his impatience under firm control.

“It’s like my body’s on fire, every inch of me is crying out for you to stop, but I need you to give me more.”

Six Sentence Sunday

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Have a great Labor Day!




Happy Fourth of July

For a fun and sexy holiday read, check out my novel Kissin’ Cops 2: Star Spangled Kiss

Kissin’ Cops 2


Detective Tyler Mason always gets what he wants, until he tries to seduce unattainable social worker, Sophie Perez. Suddenly, everything he thought about women is turned upside down. Now, he will do anything to make her his. Sophie resists her attraction to Tyler. She knows he only wants one thing. However, at a Fourth of July barbeque, she is given a glimpse of the man he truly is.

Amidst the fireworks of the holiday, their passion ignites. Tyler must win Sophie’s heart or risk losing the one woman who can teach him how to love.

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July. Enjoy the food, fun and fireworks.


Six Sentence Sunday: 1st Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to my Six Sunday.  This week I am posting from a WIP I have titled Unrequited. It is a Gothic Regency story where the heroine is betrothed to the the hero’s older brother. The hero, Lucan, is totally in love with Mariah. But, duty and circumstances are keeping them apart. This scene takes place right before Mariah must leave and Lucan sneaks into her bedroom. He is overwhelmed by the fact that he is losing her.

Right now, this is in a rough draft stage and unedited.


“God yes, touch me,” he ground out in a hoarse voice, but despite his command she loosened her grip and moved her hands down away from him.

 “Don’t stop, I need this,” he said as he drew in a shaky breath and arched forward inviting her touch. Compelled beyond all sanity, all propriety, she splayed her trembling fingers wide and set them, once again upon his chest.

“Were it my skin your fingers touched, were it your bare flesh I held against my own,” the longing in his tone was palpable. Before she could even think about the consequences, she curled her fingers along the gathers of his silky, linen shirt.

Impatiently, he fisted her long hair and pulled, angling her head back, “Just once Mariah, yield.”

Just Once Yield

There are many wonderful posts this week in celebration of Six Sunday’s Anniversary  post.

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Birthday Celebrations

Today is my birthday. I am spending it with family, riding roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm. Since it is my special day, I am going to get funnel cake with powdered sugar on top.

Also, I am sharing in the fun birthday bash over at the most talented Lissa Matthew’s blog. If you would like to see one of my favorite birthday memories and traditions, click on over to Lissa’s place.

My Birthday!

Monday with Mikhail: What I’m buying for my “playroom.”


Before I begin, I have to congratulate my brother Traian on the contract offer for his story. Christa has informed me that Bound By Obsession will be published by Liquid Silver Books.  Congrats kardes!

Hello humans. Today you celebrate Presidents’ Day. The government is doing its best to commemorate persons of importance. I’ve been around for quite some time and, in fact, have heard or seen almost all of these Commanders in Chiefs as they directed the United States into the country it is today.  I suppose they garner the accolades due to them. There are others in the history of the world that should be celebrated, but that is stuff for another post. What does this day mean to the people around here? Well, first for the kids, this is the opener of Ski Week, which means seven whole days of play. The adults are out shopping, trying to catch a good deal on electronics or cars. And,  me…Well, I thought I would spend this afternoon shopping as well.

 I don’t need another flat-screen TV. Traian is the one who has all the cool computer toys. Though, I do have the necessary electronics that make life easier, too. I’m going shopping for my spare bedroom that I plan to turn into a play room of sorts.

 An adult playroom.

 So, what should I put into this chamber of illicit activities?

 First up is the ergonomic, functional tantric chair.

Any way you want it...

 The Revel Essence Chair is up-scale and ritzy. Not only is it versatile, classy, and easy to use, but it offers an array of positions that will aid in a long, decadent night of play. This chair is found here. http://www.revelfurniture.com/the-chair.php.

 If you need suggestions on how to use it, check out their “positions” page. Some of these chairs have an interesting place for those naughty wands. Be warned though, it is not for those who are chaste, virginal, or prude. Why anyone of those attributes would go to a site where there are sex chairs is beyond me, but the warning stands.

 No playroom would be complete without a mat. There is a fantastic one, all in black, that is wedge-shaped but can be converted into many different designs. It is kind of bulky, so it takes up some room. I think it could be used for more than simple sex, though, and because of that, I will be  adding it to the collection.

 Another item for my suite will be a hot seat. If you could only imagine how awesome it would be for me to use my special talent to warm things up a bit, then you would know how cool it would be to add that to my room. Don’t know what a hot seat is? Well, I’m sorry, that’s a total shame.

 The kraliyet bodyguard, Demayan, suggested I pick up a swing. I’m not entirely sure of that one yet. I’m still debating. That contraption would probably make my oldest brother Ivan grin in glee. If he grinned. Or, felt glee.

 I’m up for a faux-fur throw, spread out before the fireplace. Nothing like my lover reclining there, cushioned by soft fur while she waits for me.


Other than a day bed that we can use and rest upon, and a sideboard fully stocked with alcohol, I think that about sums up the things I am going to buy today.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to make suggestions and don’t be shy. Tell me exactly what you would do with it as well.

 Be naughty. I’m sure the presidents were too.