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It’s the first ever LEAF AND LIBERTY Facebook Hop, hosted by ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY!   Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday and Independence Day with a quick hop to some amazing author pages and enter to win!     You can enter to win our GRAND PRIZE! A $50 Amazon Gift Card PLUS the following bundle of books: A copy of Sonnet Coupled by Roxanne Howard (signed paperback or ebook?) A copy of Desiring Lacy by Erica Lynn (signed paperback or ebook?) An ebook copy of Brothers in Blue: Max by Jeanne St. James An ebook copy of Hot & Filthy by Whitley Cox An ebook copy of Try a Little Tenderness by Christa Maurice An ebook copy of Mated in Treason by Christa Paige An ebook copy of It Takes a Cat Burglar by Cailin Briste eBook copies of She’s Percy’s Girl and We Are Vengeful Addiction ~Lexi Book 1 by Bre Meli 10 STOPS $50US Amazon Gift Card Awesome Book Bundle Prizes at each stop   Follow the instructions at each page and enter to win! Good Luck! Stay tuned for more information! Christa Continue reading

Contest Time: Mated in Treason

Just thought I would put this here for those of you who’d like to enter the give away.

Hop on over to Amazon and follow me for a chance to win a free download of Mated in Treason. It is getting amazing reviews.


Release Day!

I’m so excited and wanted to share with you that Mated in Treason has officially released. Nadia and Gunnar are finally going to be in Kindles and Nooks and Kobos and ipads and ereaders. Even better, they are going to be read by people who love vampires, fangs, bondings and growly alpha males! I am so thrilled. If you love the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Like me: team Wrath) or the Midnight Breeds (Me, me, me)  or the Dark Hunters (Gunnar and Nadia remind me of Vane and Bride) this story would totally appeal to you. There’s a whole world of vampires fighting to be with the mates of their hearts and this story shows the lengths Gunnar will go to in order to make Nadia his forever love. Just click one of these and get Mated in Treason delivered to your ereader. But, beware, you won’t want to put it down. Amazon, Smashword, Kobo, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Indigo, iBooks (B and N/GoogleBooks coming soon)   Release Day Twinsies! I share a release day with the fabulous Dark Angel and if you like the Billionaire and the Virgin tropes, this one is for you! Check it out: RELEASE BLITZ Buyer’s Market: A … Continue reading

Free Books & Awesome PNR Give Away

Newsflash from Christa: I thought I would send this today so you can have time to check it out, sign up and be entered to win amazing prizes before the contest closes at the end of June. This is such an incredible PNR event with talented authors. If you are a fan of vampire romances, like I am, take advantage of this awesome give away. I know I can’t wait to download all those intriguing, sexy, vampire romances being offered. All subscribers will receive a free book from every participating author. Mine is an exclusive, subscriber only, new story in my Kan Asma Vampire world called: Enduring Bond, Allies of the Kan Asma Vampires: 1   Enter Here To Access This Amazing Contest   Please note: by entering you are agreeing to sign up for the following authors’ newsletters: Mandy M. Roth, Bella Roccoforte, Caris Roane, J. M. Page, N. D. Jones, Michelle M. Pillow, Brend Trim and Tami Julka, Kerry Adrienne, Pauline Creeden, Cecilia Dominic, Calinda B, Emma Rose, Lizzie Lynn Lee, Susan Griscom, Vella Day, Kristen Painter, Laxmi Hariharan, Miranda Martin,  Shelique Lize, Aubree Lane, Tigris Eden, Ruth A. Casie, Ruth Anne Scott, Leilani Love, Melissa Stevens, Rebecca Rivard, Karpov Kinrade, Tina Glasneck, M. … Continue reading

TRR June Party

Welcome to my page and the super awesome TRR June Party. If you are stopping by to play, well here’s your clue: In my newest release, Book 1 of the Kan Asma Vampire series, how are Gunnar and Nadia going to be mated? And, here’s the link if you need a hint: They are mated in ???? Thank you for stopping by and happy hopping! Christa   Continue reading

Mated in Treason Character Profile: Nadia

Mated in Treason, Book 1 in the Kan Asma Vampires series, releases in a week and I am continuing my character introductions. Now, meet Nadia the heroine of Mated in Treason. This is how Gunnar sees Nadia the first time they meet: He tipped his chin and peered at the nurse. Ah, now wasn’t she his angel of mercy? Soft brown curls framed her pretty round face. Wide mocha eyes looked at him with compassion. Lovely plump lips pursed in a no-nonsense simper. Her dimpled chin firmed when she noticed his scrutiny. This is how I think Nadia would look: Some facts about Nadia: Her occupation: RN at the vampire hospital and her favorite job is to work in surgery. Her boss: Doctor Dominic Her family: Nadia is from a lower class family. Her parents don’t possess powerful genes or strong vampiric traits. Her favorite music: Nadia loves soundtracks and symphonies especially Mozart. Her age: Almost 40 Her hobbies: Reading and bubble baths Fun things about Nadia: She has a hammock chair in her bedroom, loves tulips and uses shampoo that smells like cherry blossoms.   Well, there’s a little bit about Nadia. She loves fiercely and feels her poverty … Continue reading

Cover Reveal

  Cover Reveal The amazing cover reveal for Mated in Treason the first book in the Kan Asma Vampire series.   Releasing June 13, 2017!! Talk about ab-o-licious! Don’t you just want to sample that muscular perfection? There are some awesome little things in this cover that just made me so thrilled. Gunnar’s Viking tattoo, wrapped around his arm, just shows a hint of the dragon head. The scythes in the corner are important in this vampire culture. The Hartwood logo which just makes me so happy because Gunnar and Nadia found a publishing home and it’s a great one. I can’t wait to share this story with the world! Also, it’s already up for sale! AMAZON SMASHWORDS KOBO         When the kraliyet bodyguard ended up in her hospital bed after an explosion left him in critical condition, Nadia tried to warn herself not to fall in love with him. After all, she’s no vampire Cinderella, and happily-ever-afters didn’t happen to low-born females of the Kan Asma. But, her heart wouldn’t listen and, soon, she wanted to claim Gunnar as her forever mate, even if it meant taking him the only way possible, as a husband in … Continue reading

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

In case you didn’t see this posted everywhere. Next Tuesday the ab-so-lutely eye popping cover is being revealed– hosted by the ever fabulous and amazing Tracy Comerford​ at #BeMyBookBoyfriend. A handful of ARCs have been sent out already. Preorder links will be posted next week. It is getting so exciting to see Gunnar and Nadia’s story getting close to release day. Title: Mated In Treason by: Christa Paige Author #comingsoon #coverreveal Tagline ↓ The cost of their forbidden mating will require great sacrifice. For love and an unbreakable bond, there is no price too high, not even banishment, or worse, treason. Blurb When the kraliyet bodyguard ended up in her hospital bed after an explosion left him in critical condition, Nadia tried to warn herself not to fall in love with him. After all, she’s no vampire Cinderella, and happily-ever-afters didn’t happen to low-born females of the Kan Asma. But, her heart wouldn’t listen and, soon, she wanted to claim Gunnar as her forever mate, even if it meant taking him the only way possible, as a husband in a disgraceful human ceremony. . Gunnar fell in love with his nurse the moment he saw her smile. He yearned to … Continue reading

Meet the hero.

Welcome to the second week of May. Wow, where has time gone? For me, each new month brings me closer to the release of  Mated in Treason, Book 1 in the Kan Asma Vampires series. This new vampire romance is coming out in June 13, 2017 and I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few of the characters. Today, is all about the hero. Meet Gunnar Nakani:   The first time we meet Gunnar is in Bound By Obsession the third book in the Blood-Vine series. Bethany who is the heroine of that book, gives her impression of Gunnar. Before long, the car pulled to a stop and Gunnar opened the door. Bethany hadn’t been able to form any solid conclusions about the guy. A few times he stood with his shoulders tossed back, like a marine. The close shave of his light blond hair added to the distinctiveness of a soldier. He wore dark olive utility pants and a matching green T-shirt. She could imagine him in some special-ops corps. He never stopped looking around them. The way his dark eyes flitted from one side to the other showed his attention was focused on their … Continue reading

Spring Fling is now LIVE!

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